Nov. 1st, 2009

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Happy Birthday, [info]aggiebell90!!  I seriously hope you have a wonderful day and that you get some rest!!

In honor of Julie's birthday, I wrote!!  And I wrote Neville for our favorite Neville fangirl.  *squishes her*  These are Neville Moments - a collection of moments in Neville's life - after Deathly Hallows and forward.  These are each 100 word drabbles.  I chose this formate, because Julie wrote a collection of Remus/Tonks drabbles for me for my birthday (Impressions­ – go and read – you’ll be glad you did), so I decided to do the same style for her using Neville. These excerpts are in the order that they happened (or that I’d like to think they happened). I hope they live up to Julie’s (and yours, my reader) expectations of Neville.


One other quick note: the seventh and eighth drabbles are loosely based on Julie’s own Neville story, In My Garden. (Go and read that one, too – it’s fantastic). The setting and flowers used are the same as she used in her story.

There may eventually be another couple drabbles - there is at least one more niggling in my brain.  I've made an offer to Julie to come up with a scenario (or two or three) and I'd be happy to take a stab at it (or them).  So, it may an ever-growing project - like Neville's flowers. :).  Also, this it totally unbeta'd, so please be warned the mistakes are mine.


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