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Nov. 1st, 2009 11:12 am
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Happy Birthday, [info]aggiebell90!!  I seriously hope you have a wonderful day and that you get some rest!!

In honor of Julie's birthday, I wrote!!  And I wrote Neville for our favorite Neville fangirl.  *squishes her*  These are Neville Moments - a collection of moments in Neville's life - after Deathly Hallows and forward.  These are each 100 word drabbles.  I chose this formate, because Julie wrote a collection of Remus/Tonks drabbles for me for my birthday (Impressions­ – go and read – you’ll be glad you did), so I decided to do the same style for her using Neville. These excerpts are in the order that they happened (or that I’d like to think they happened). I hope they live up to Julie’s (and yours, my reader) expectations of Neville.


One other quick note: the seventh and eighth drabbles are loosely based on Julie’s own Neville story, In My Garden. (Go and read that one, too – it’s fantastic). The setting and flowers used are the same as she used in her story.

There may eventually be another couple drabbles - there is at least one more niggling in my brain.  I've made an offer to Julie to come up with a scenario (or two or three) and I'd be happy to take a stab at it (or them).  So, it may an ever-growing project - like Neville's flowers. :).  Also, this it totally unbeta'd, so please be warned the mistakes are mine.




“What did you say, Professor?”


“I don’t think my request was all that difficult to understand, Longbottom. Will you accept the position of Herbology Professor here at Hogwarts? We’d like you to work alongside Professor Sprout for a year before she retires. Then the position is yours.”


“Are … are you sure, Professor?”


“Of course, I’m sure.”


“Y…yes. I’d be honoured to accept. I won’t let you down.”


“I know you won’t let me down, Longbottom. You’re the best Herbologist we’ve had in decades. You’re our only choice to fill the position.”


“Really, Professor?”


“Really. And Longbottom?” Minerva smiled. “Congratulations.”




“You’re going to teach Herbology? At Hogwarts?” Augusta asked.


“Yes, Gran. Professor McGonagall wants me to start straight away. I’m to train with Professor Sprout before she retires next year.”


“Is this what you really want to do, Neville? Teach? You could be an Auror like your father.” She pursed her lips together.


Neville took a deep breath and looked his grandmother in the eye. “Yes, Gran. This is what I want to do. I want to teach. I want to give back to Hogwarts.”


Gran studied his face carefully before smiling. “Then I’m happy for you, Neville. And proud.”




The pub was warm and cosy when the five of them entered. They were laughing and joking and already celebrating. Neville told the others to get a table; that he was buying the first round.


“A bottle of your best Firewhisky, please, with five glasses,” he said to the barmaid.


“Coming right up.”


As she turned to hand him his drinks, he couldn’t believe who it was. “Hannah?”


“Neville? What’re you doing here?”


“Celebrating my new job – I’m teaching Herbology at Hogwarts.”




“Thanks,” he said, smiling. “It’s so good to see you.”


“You, too,” she answered, returning the smile.




He shook the dust from his travelling cloak and boots before opening the door. He wasn’t sure what she’d think, but he didn’t really care. He wanted to see her again. He had to see her again. He’d thought of nothing else since running into her at the pub a fortnight ago. He had no idea if she had even given him a second thought, but he had to find out.


Taking a deep breath, he crossed the threshold and looked for her. He walked to the bar, and sitting down, he said, “A beer, please.”


She turned and smiled.




They walked hand in hand along the river, talking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company.


“Marry me,” Neville said out of the blue, getting down on one knee.




“Marry me, Hannah. I love you. I have for a long, long time. Will you marry me? Please?”


“Oh, Neville.”


His stomach dropped. He’d never thought that she’d turn him down. Standing back up, he said, “It’s okay, Hannah…we can just …”


She silenced him, touching her finger to his lips. “Yes.”




“Yes, Neville. I’ll marry you.”


“Really? You love me, too?”


“Really,” she said, leaning in to kiss him.




He couldn’t believe his eyes. She simply took his breath away. A smile slowly spread across his face as she walked toward him. He couldn’t believe she’d agreed to marry him. They’d be husband and wife in a few short minutes.


Only close family and friends were present. Just the way they wanted it. Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, Ernie, his gran, her dad. It was simple, beautiful and perfect.


The clergy cleared his throat. “Mr. Longbottom? Do you take this woman as your wife?”


Neville blushed, as he was caught lost in thought. “I do,” he answered proudly.




Neville stood up and surveyed the flowers he had just planted. His Gran, his beloved Gran, had recently died and was buried in the small graveyard off the family garden. Her funeral and burial were only yesterday, but Neville wanted to honor her like he’d honored his granddad for many, many years. He’d planted ringing bluebells, fire-breathing snapdragons, howling lupines and twittering tulips along the paths that led to the small graveyard and yellow and white daffodils on their graves. Once blooming, it would be beautiful both to eyes and ears and he knew that his grandparents would be proud.




The house had stood empty for years – Neville and Hannah had emptied it after his Gran’s death, donating items they didn’t need. But Neville wasn’t able to part with the house and greenhouse. He learned of his love of plants here. He’d first planted with his granddad (and later with Uncle Algie) in this greenhouse. It was where his grandparents were buried. The home held its share of good and bad memories, but it was still home.


With the imminent arrival of his son, it seemed only right to move into this old house and make it a home again.

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Date: 2009-11-02 04:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sueatducksfoot.livejournal.com
These are great. As recipient of the Garden Story, I love that you included the drabble about Gran's grave. The idea of bluebells, lupines and tulips that actually make music makes me happy. As an avid gardener I relate to Neville and as a Jules fangirl, Neville is "my man." Thanks.

Date: 2009-11-02 03:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ohginnyfan.livejournal.com

I should have asked your permission as well to use the story in mine - since it was written for you! I hope you don't mind. I made sure Jules was cool with it, but I should have asked you as well.

Thanks for the compliments on these drabbles - I wanted to give her something Nevillish, and I don't normally write Neville, so it was a bit of a challenge for me. But I absolutely love In the Garden and wanted to give Neville a shot for Julie's birthday. And I loved the flower references from her story - the fact that Neville and Uncle Algie planted in the graveyard - I just felt it was only right to have Neville continue the planting after Augusta passed. I'd like to believe that Neville continued to plant something back there every year after he started.

Have a great day!! *hugs*

Date: 2009-11-02 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sueatducksfoot.livejournal.com
Hehehe, no worries. I thought it was great. I enjoyed reading them and loved the parts that had to do with the Garden. Neville is cool, I write about him when I can. I think it shows great friendship that you went outside your norm to write Neville for Jules.


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