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This is the first of the drabbles that I received requests for.  You can still request one here.

This one is actually 3X the word count that I said I was sticking to, but it demanded to be written.

For: [livejournal.com profile] lunamorgaine

The Marauders
PROMPT: Sirius found himself dangling by his toes from the rafters, a sprig of mistletoe in his mouth.

This isn't written from Sirius's POV, but rather from Remus's, Remus demanded that he have a hand in this.  All mistakes are mine.  I literally just sat down and wrote.

Word Count: 341

Mistletoe, Sirius? )


Dec. 16th, 2011 10:53 am
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Opening this up to anyone who wants one...
  You know, I'm just a sheep, right? I follow right along and steal take do what someone else may have already thought of.

So, in honor of my baaaaaa-iness, I'm going to steal take borrow [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90's idea of holiday drabbles. I've been in the mood to write a bit, but nothing has hit me as "OHMYGOSHYOUNEEDTOWRITETHIS" sort of way.

So, I'm drabbling. And I'm asking for prompts. And I totally nicked the idea from [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90 who has asked for drabble prompts herself.

So, rules. There has to be rules, right?

1. Drabble requests must be Christmas/New Year themed.
2. I will make them 100 word drabbles - no more, no less.
3. I reserve the right to later convert the drabble into a short story, if the spirit moves me.
4. Fandoms: Harry Potter only. I might be persuaded to give Percy Jackson a try. But that might be a stretch. I don't know that I know any other fandoms well enough to drabble in them.
5. Will do AU - especially if it involves Remus/Tonks. As in they're not daid. :)
6. Need to keep 'em clean, peeps. I won't write anything past a PG-13 in rating.

I'll write as many as I get - just because I probably won't get that many!

In other news - most of my posts are flocked.  If you are interested in being friends, let me know.  I'd like to know a bit about you before I friend you (how you found me, if you follow other friends of mine), and then I'll friend you.  I friend most requests.  You can request to be friended here or on my first post (dated 2015).

Heading to the last of the holiday parties today.  Merry Merry.  Happy Happy.
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They're DONE!!

Original Post is here.  There's still three up for grabs. :)

And here they are:

Katieay )





Peverell )







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Six out of seven done - finished them last night.  I have to go back and read a spot in canon before I start the next one.

Two of the boys have doctor's appt. this morning - have to have a meds meeting for the one with ADD, and the other one has an odd mole I want looked at.  So those two can stay in bed a bit longer than normal.

I'm going to hit the shower here shortly after getting the younger two up - my hubby's still taking them to the sitter.  The older ones get to sleep, and I'm hitting my shower before getting them up.

Sort of looking into a new laptop.   This one's starting to play up a bit.  Will give it to the kiddos.

Have a great Monday!
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I received seven requests for drabbles - I've finished two and have two others started.  I plan to post them all at once.


Today was another hot day, and we headed to Kings Island for the afternoon.  It was nice and hot at the waterpark.  We've decided that we won't get passes again next year - kids seem bored with it.  I think we will plan to go on vacation for almost two weeks next summer instead. :)

Tentative Plan is as follows:

Monday - leave for Orlando (perhaps start out late on Sunday)
Tuesday - rest and play at the hotel (in the pool, shopping, etc)
Wednesday - Disney
Thursday - go to Naples to visit Mike's uncles
Friday - Naples
Saturday - Leave Naples for Daytona Beach for our annual week.

Sounds like a plan to me. :o)


I have the goal to blog everyday this month.  We'll see how I do.


This was pretty much a totally pointless post.


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Well, I'm trying to get in the mood to write, and decided to offer Harry Potter drabbles!  Whee!!

So, for the first 10 to respond, I offer a 100 word drabble.  I plan for all of these to be 100 words.  No more. No less.  If something strikes me, I may re-work it later into a regular fic.

Must be canon requests through DH.  Missing Moments, post DH, etc.  It can be any canon pairing or no pairing.  I will try to accomodate all requests that I'm given.

I challenge all my flist that are having any writer's block to do the same.
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Here are the next two drabbles.  Completely unbeta'd, so all errors are mine and mine alone.  They are each 100 words exactly. *is proud*

[personal profile] aggiebell90 : Neville with or without Gran

Note: This is set at the start of seventh year.

[profile] bringandfly : Sirius chatting with his cousin about the looks he's seen in Order meetings

The Chat )

There are still two up for grabs.  Click here to see the original post. To see the first six drabbles, go here.

Mammogram went well - no follow-up tests today, which is a switch.  So I think decaffing myself before hand does really help my chances of not having "spots".

Leaving work shortly.  Whoo-Hoo!
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[personal profile] kelleypen : Filch/Pince (*shudder*)

[personal profile] bistyboo1974 : Bill/Fleur – when they first started dating 

Nerves )

[profile] margaret67 : Harry/Ginny – first kiss after final battle 

The Kiss )

[personal profile] mmmusings : Remus/Tonks

Broken )

[profile] scarlett71177 : Remus/Tonks

Watching )

[profile] bartsspace : Molly/Arthur on the eve of one of their kids weddings (not Bill)

I'm not that good at Drabbles (but they are each 100 words exactly), so don't shoot the author.  There are still four up for grabs. Click here for the post.

ETA:  These are totally unbeta'd.  So, any errors are mine and mine alone. I've corrected a few things already.  And I cranked these out in about 45 minutes - while helping son 2 do homework. I do apologize for the delay - between moving office at work and a sick kiddo, it took me a bit.


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