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Time to pimp one of my authors:

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Fortifying the Keep
On the run from the Carrows, Neville finds safety--and a friend--in the Room of Requirement. A missing moment from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Posted at PhoenixSong.net and [livejournal.com profile] aggiestories 

Go. Read. Review.


In other news, we had snow today.  The boys had their first snow day of the season.  The good thing?  All their evening activities got cancelled, too, so we had no where to go tonight!  Yahoo!!

My aunt...

Aug. 10th, 2007 05:45 am
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Good morning...
Well, on Wednesday night, my aunt (mom's sister) was coming into her house late at night, and fell.  She hit her face on a shelf (from what I understand), and felt her leg twist.  Fortunately, she had her cell phone on her, and as the garage light went off (she had come into the garage and shut the garage door), she got a hold of her son that lives about 2 minutes away.  He went over, called an ambulance, and once at the hospital, she found out she broke her femur in her right leg (the large upper bone in your leg).
The orthopedist told her that whenever you break a femur, they operate - I'm assuming because it's such a load-bearing bone.
They were to do surgery yesterday, but first had trouble locating her X-rays for the orthopedist to look at before surgery, but then her EKG came back with a change when compared to her EKG from 2004, so they wanted to find out what was up with that before doing surgery.
THEN the orthopedist came in and said after looking at her X-rays, her knee replacement that she had done in 1998 was bent and looked worn.  He said it doesn't look like the fall caused the replacement to be bent because it's bent at the other end (the part the attaches to the tibia/fibula).  So, in addition to repairing the femur, since they're going in anyway, they'll do a knee replacement at the same time. Doctor said it'll strengthen her leg even more to do both now.
This aunt had double knee replacement in 1998, and has recently been having a bit of a problem with her right hip - my mom wonders if the knee being worn and bent has caused her hip problems.
I asked my mother if they found out why her EKG changed, and she said Joan didn't mention anything.  I'm heading over today on my lunch hour to see her before surgery - it's at 3PM.
If you could spare a prayer, that would be great - she's 73, diabetic (she takes medication, not insulin dependent, I don't think), and has done well health-wise overall.  She lives alone - my uncle died in 2001 - and is fairly independent.  This will lay her up for a while.
Also, my cousin's husband - my aunt's son-in-law - is a contractor that works in different states - has been doing this since he lost his job 2 yrs back.  He's currently working in NYC (Long Island), and has been having chest pains.  He had an angiogram done yesterday and it was fine.  They were keeping him overnight in the hospital, and will let him go home today.
Oh, and the same cousin's husband lost HIS mom two weeks ago.
It's been quite a month for us - me with my pancreatitis (no flare ups since and I've been off the meds almost a week), and then all this for my aunt and her family.
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Well, I'm back to work today. Reluctantly, I might add.  However, it is quite quiet and very nice.  I've got some stuff to get ready for the new year, and this is actually the best time to do it -- most of the staff is off, I have access to all the equipment, and I can get things done quickly.

Yammering about my writing )

The hubby is having severe asthma problems -- he's never had problems when others who own cats have come into the house before, but their coats must have had a ton of cat hair on it, because he's really having issues.  We went through and did some power cleaning in hopes to help, but it's not made much of a difference yet -- it does take him a couple days to get back to normal.

We are having friends over for New Year's Eve, which is basically unheard of for us. *laughs*  We're such old fuddy-duddies and homebodies, that we rarely do anything on NYE.  We found another couple who are the same way though, and so we are hosting them and their two daughters.  It should be a good time.

Work is calling.  I came in early, so I can leave early, so I better get at it.

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I am, once again, wireless at my house. My router up and died back before I had surgery. I had bought one right after I had said surgery, but it's taken me this long to find the time to hook it up. I made an attempt on Monday, and the hub I had would not recognize one of the cords. So I had to get a new cord, and wah-la! It works. I think there is still an issue...something about an IP address not agreeing between my laptop and my desktop, but if my desktop is turned off, it doesn't seem to affect the ability for the laptop to get on. I have to set my palm up tonight, which I don't use for internet at home terribly often because it's so slow. But I want it set up anyway.

The boys were monsters this morning, so my morning didn't start well. I'm leaving work early today -- I need a break from kids and work (which seems to be all my life has been this week), so I'm going to go home to a quiet house and sort mail. I've probably got a stack 6 inches tall.

Submissions are now closed for PhoenixSong. Now to sort through the new submissions.

Hubby due home around 2 (well at the airport) today.  He should get to our home around 4.

And welcome back to [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly  . I hope your computer woes are a thing of the past.  *hugs*  You were missed!

Got to fly!

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...coming to our house.

No, not the two-legged type.  Not the four-legged type. Not of the structural type.  This is in the form of a new woodwind.

My husband's new toy

My husband and oldest went to the band meeting last night and got the child all signed up.  They came home terribly excited and talked up a blue streak.  The local music store offers "rental" on student band instruments, however, it is highway robbery, as my husband put it.  We had pretty much decided before this meeting, that Josh would play his dad's old sax, and dad would get a new one (my hubby plays in a local civic band and has for about 22 years).  So the search for the new sax began.

Mike was actually going to settle for a cheaper model, but he plans to play in this band until he rolls over in his grave (my words, not his), so I told him to get a really good horn that was reasonably priced.  I actually am the one who found this one.

Hubby is one happy camper and is ordering it today.

Hubby is going to Scotland the end of this month on business.  This is the trip that we've known about for a while, but thought was cancelled.  So I'll be single-parenting for the last week.  And it's the week of mid-terms.

Pray for me.

I am planning a "trip with the girls" in November.  Should be loads of fun and I'm terribly excited.

I have two stories to beta.  One from [livejournal.com profile] jeconais  and one from [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90 .  I am hopeful to get both out this weekend.

Thanks to those who shared helpful hints on geography/map reading.  Matt is doing a bit better with that, thanks to your help.

I have preschool open house with the youngest today.  It'll be a really good time.  He is so terribly excited, he can't stand it.

I am glad it's Friday. It has been hell week trying to get things done for the "back to school" time.

It's good to be back on LJ on a regular basis.  I've missed you all alot.

(I like bouncy!Hugh, don't you? He's quite yummy!)

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I rarely update on the weekend...I'm rarely online when I'm home with the monsters...

We have a busy weekend this weekend:

  • Husband got his hair cut and the oil changed in our collector car
  • We are going to friends tonight for a cookout
  • We're going to the amusement park tomorrow for a last day there before they close for the season
  • Monday is the local parade which we are all going to be in (the church did a float for the parade, so the kids and I are going to be there, hubby is playing his sax with the community band he plays with).
  • The Catholic High School next to our school and church is having their annual festival, and we will be there Monday afternoon.

In between all this, I have to get to the grocery, finish the laundry, clean up the kitchen.  The cake is baked (well, it's in the oven) for the cookout tonight. Homework is essentially done (one kid has a religion  test on Tuesday). Plus I need to find time to help [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn  with PS submissions.

I'm tired already.

But I'll share the cake recipe because it is a definite keeper:

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake )

And because I'm in the sharing mood:

Homemade Vanilla )


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