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Thanks to the sloooowness of my computer!  Grrrr!

I just posted a new story to my fic journal, [profile] ogf_ficsandpics.  It's called The Journey Home 

It's Remus and Remus/Tonks.  If you're interested, go take a look and let me know what you think.  It's the first thing I've written in a LOOONG time.

Gotta run - have to be at soccer in 35 minutes, and I'm not dressed.  EEEK!
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Title: Sunrise Reflections
Author: OHGinnyfan
Category: Superman Returns – based loosely on [personal profile] bistyboo1974’s story, Life Belongs to the Living
Destination: Daytona Beach Shores, FL (Free Space 54)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1178
Summary: Lois spends some time on the beach reflecting on her life.
Spoilers: None, really – this is loosely based on [personal profile] bistyboo1974’s Life Belongs to the Living. This would probably spoil a few things about her story more than anything.
Warnings: Excessive Fluff ahead. You have been warned. *smile*
Written for the [profile] 12days_of_clois Around the World Challenge.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of Superman or Superman Returns. I just like to play on their playground occasionally.

A/N: Huge, huge thanks to [personal profile] aggiebell90 and [personal profile] bistyboo1974 who are fantabulous betas and worked wonders on this story. They made it so much better with their kind comments and corrections. Any remaining errors are strictly mine, not theirs.

This is not a fandom I routinely write in. I usually haunt the Harry Potter fandom, so please take that into consideration when you read my humble offerings here. Again, thanks to [personal profile] bistyboo1974 for allowing me to take part in this challenge and for setting all this up. You’re the bestest!

ETA: A beautiful banner by the wonderful [personal profile] ancarett. *hugs her*

Sunrise Reflections )


Sep. 25th, 2006 01:29 pm
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Real quick:

I just uploaded a story by a new friend of mine, [profile] harryginnyphile, and it is a lovely James/Lily story.  It can be found here at the 'Song.

Also, go check out the new story in [profile] velvethopefics that is based on this image by [profile] reallycorkingThe story was written for me by [profile] because she liked my answer on why I liked H/G.  The picture was a gift for [profile] margaret67 and the story was also written for her.  It's well worth a look, but you do need to be a member of [profile] velvethopefics to read it.

/end pimpage
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Great Big Birthday Wishes to [profile] scarlett71177!

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Hope you have a wonderful day, my R/T buddy! I have you to thank for finding all these wonderful R/T communities. *smooches* and have a wonderful birthday.


And a drabble for you, dear.  Featuring our favorite couple and using a prompt from the [profile] rt_challenge community - totally unbeta'd (as I just cranked it out)...

(the color wheel prompt)

Rainbow )
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Nothing much going on - I'm trying to catch up, but having a hard time concentrating for whatever reason.

For those of my Flist that follow AI - My Bo Bice concert is tomorrow night!  Yippee!

Reccing:  Go
here and read this story by [profile] scarlett71177 for the [profile] rt_challenge community.  Sirius is hilarious in it.  It is definitely a must read if you love anything to do with Sirius Black.

(and if you're so inclined, I wrote something today for the [profile] rt_challenge community, too.  It is here.  I finally drop-kicked shook slapped got my Muse to shape up and cooperate.)

That is all for now.

(ETA: I did a second one for the [profile] rt_challenge community.  It is here. /shameless self-plugging)


Jun. 29th, 2006 09:34 pm
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[profile] velvethope has written a LJ interest drabble/snippet for me in her fic journal, [profile] velvethopefics.  Go here and read, and enjoy.  There are three batches and she's up to 17 and they are all wonderful.  Mine is number 15.

Mine is Remus and Tonks - anyone surprised?!?

*smooches Christina*  Thanks, dear. It is lovely, and I'm still smiling.


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Here are the next two drabbles.  Completely unbeta'd, so all errors are mine and mine alone.  They are each 100 words exactly. *is proud*

[personal profile] aggiebell90 : Neville with or without Gran

Note: This is set at the start of seventh year.

[profile] bringandfly : Sirius chatting with his cousin about the looks he's seen in Order meetings

The Chat )

There are still two up for grabs.  Click here to see the original post. To see the first six drabbles, go here.

Mammogram went well - no follow-up tests today, which is a switch.  So I think decaffing myself before hand does really help my chances of not having "spots".

Leaving work shortly.  Whoo-Hoo!
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[personal profile] kelleypen : Filch/Pince (*shudder*)

[personal profile] bistyboo1974 : Bill/Fleur – when they first started dating 

Nerves )

[profile] margaret67 : Harry/Ginny – first kiss after final battle 

The Kiss )

[personal profile] mmmusings : Remus/Tonks

Broken )

[profile] scarlett71177 : Remus/Tonks

Watching )

[profile] bartsspace : Molly/Arthur on the eve of one of their kids weddings (not Bill)

I'm not that good at Drabbles (but they are each 100 words exactly), so don't shoot the author.  There are still four up for grabs. Click here for the post.

ETA:  These are totally unbeta'd.  So, any errors are mine and mine alone. I've corrected a few things already.  And I cranked these out in about 45 minutes - while helping son 2 do homework. I do apologize for the delay - between moving office at work and a sick kiddo, it took me a bit.

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Well, another weekend went by in a blur.

Spring Break starts Friday.  *throws confetti*  Josh has all kinds of tests this week.  Matt's gone through Wednesday (I go down on Wednesday to pick up gear at the Camp and help get them back to school), and he gets Thursday off as a "rest day".  So he's done with school until Monday the 24th.  After spring break, the boys only have seven weeks of school. *throws more confetti*  Ben graduates from preshool on May26th.

*hugs flist*  I've not been very good at keeping up.
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Be sure to check out PhoenixSong today, and their new ship, the good ship Ghostsnog!
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My quickie posts are never really quickie...

Was late getting to work today. Hubby is ill at home (headache, stomachache, sore throat). We had major homework blues last night, so in order to study a bit more, I took the boys to school. I also had to take the youngest to preschool - my mom's car wheels were locked(?). So she couldn't get him there. I also forgot to drop lunch money off for the accounts at the older boys' school, so I ended up driving around the building after dropping them off, writing the check and going in to drop it in the office (son 3 reminded me as he was getting out of the van at the drop off door -- nice). By the time I got back to the van, I realized if I went on into work with youngest, I'd only be there a half hour before I'd have to turn around and come back past where I was to take Ben to school. So I called in and came in at 9:15.

Since the hubby's home, he should be able to get the boys off the bus, so I won't have to leave too early. 

Science Fair update: May fly paper airplanes tonight with son 2-- the weather is nice outside, with no snow and dry conditions. So, it would be a good afternoon to get some of our flights out of the way. And my eldest is on day 8 of data collection for his science fair! Whoo Hoo! Once we get the data collected, we'll start the show boards.

And I wrote yesterday!  Whoo Hoo!  I got about 4 pages done on my R/T pregnancy fic.  Not the one I wanted to write on, but hey, I wrote.  Not sure if I'll keep it -- wasn't terribly stellar writing on my part, but it's a start.

And the foot is sort of at a standstill on healing.  It still hurts, and is a bit swollen and well, just sort of stalling out.  Will watch another couple days, then get the thing X-rayed if it doesn't start getting better again.  I don't have time for it to be broke.  I have informed the foot of that.

Off to do some work.
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Work Talk )

In other news, I wrote last night on my sequel to Together, only to accidently save the old copy over it this morning as I was tranferring between my computer and data key. Fortunately, I hadn't done that much work on it, could remember most of it (and was the first thing I did when I got to work), and I ended up taking it in stride.

Okay...off for my nightly fun with the boys.
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Well, I'm back to work today. Reluctantly, I might add.  However, it is quite quiet and very nice.  I've got some stuff to get ready for the new year, and this is actually the best time to do it -- most of the staff is off, I have access to all the equipment, and I can get things done quickly.

Yammering about my writing )

The hubby is having severe asthma problems -- he's never had problems when others who own cats have come into the house before, but their coats must have had a ton of cat hair on it, because he's really having issues.  We went through and did some power cleaning in hopes to help, but it's not made much of a difference yet -- it does take him a couple days to get back to normal.

We are having friends over for New Year's Eve, which is basically unheard of for us. *laughs*  We're such old fuddy-duddies and homebodies, that we rarely do anything on NYE.  We found another couple who are the same way though, and so we are hosting them and their two daughters.  It should be a good time.

Work is calling.  I came in early, so I can leave early, so I better get at it.

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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly  who nicked it from [livejournal.com profile] antonia_east :

Post a snippet (sentence, paragraph, whatever) from every in-progress fic you have at the moment.

Remember, these are, for the most part, totally unbeta'd.

On with the stories )

Well, that's not too horrible!  Only 5 going!  But I do have a folder of very rabid plot bunnies.  Sorry if the font comes out funny.  I can't seem to figure out how to fix it

Edited to add an LJ cut (forgot to do that earlier), and I'm working on cleaning up the code a bit to fix the font.

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I will be seeing various doctors more often than I prefer over the next two weeks:

  • Ben was seen in the Urgent Care on Saturday for an ear infection.
  • Ben needs to be re-checked in 14 days by his regular doctor.
  • Nick needs a follow-up chest X-ray for his pneumonia
  • I have an appt scheduled on the 13th for a hormone recheck -- bloodwork and doctor visit.
  • I'm heading to the doctor today because the cough I have from the URI infection from two weeks ago has stalled out and is not getting any better.

Nick and I also had dental appts scheduled for next week, but those got cancelled.

In other news, Joshua's basketball team is 4 - 0 so far.  Their coaches are really very good, and are teaching a lot of strategy techniques.  The team was getting beat pretty hard after the first quarter in yesterday's game by a very aggressive team, and whatever our one coach saw, he was able to communicate to the boys, and they went out and beat the other team by 10 and kept the other team to scoring only 8 point in the last three quarters. (Final score was 25-15).  Their one coach was a pro baseball player, and knows a thing or two about strategy.  He works with the kids individually while the head coach works with the team as a whole.  It's a good system and seems to be working very well for these boys.

Josh isn't much of a basketball player but is one of the taller ones, so he can rebound really good and get it to someone who can move the ball back up the court and score.  He doesn't play a lot each game (although Saturday's game was an easy win, so he was in that game a bit more), but he loves it, so that's what's important.

And next week we have his very first band concert. That will be interesting...

We went and had brunch with Santa on Sunday -- which was very, very nice.  It's sponsored by my hospital, and is an all you can eat buffet with some made-to-order things.  Really good food (considering it's the hospital cafeteria), and the boys got to see Santa -- who Ben still wanted nothing to do with.

And my Color Challenge fiction is up here in my journal.  And I've almost got my fiction for [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly  's birthday done. And I've accepted the Christmas Challenge for the [livejournal.com profile] hbp_ficafest .

PhoenixSong is now accepting submissions for Holiday-Themed stories only.  Stories must be five chapters or shorter to be considered.  See their Homepage and Nest for details.

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Hubby arrived fine in Scotland today. Afte about 15 hours of travelling. He called this morning at 9:30 my time.

I had a killer headache earlier, and it is better now, but still there.

One of hubby's best friends -- the woman who sat next to him in the community band he plays in -- died last night. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of weeks ago. She last played with the band on Aug. 24th, exactly a month before she died. She played saxophone and her and my hubby both played first part. We think she was 72. She was put into a drug induced coma about a week and half ago to solve her pain issue, and was never brought out. My husband never got to really say goodbye (he's not the type to go and talk to comatose patients). He will, of course, be out of the country for the viewing or funeral (we assume he won't be back in time), which will bother him greatly.

I was a maniac with the kids this morning, in part from the killer headache. I got to relax a bit this afternoon while the youngest napped and the older ones watched TV and played. It was actually something I needed greatly. I worked on getting study material together for my son's religion test, so I can help him study for it. The test is on Tuesday.

The "fix a flat" has held for the tire. That's a good thing.

I received the next part of [livejournal.com profile] jeconais's Gabrielle story, Hope, this afternoon. I will work on betaing it tonight.

I also got back 2 of my pre-betas for my Remus/Tonks fic, called, Together. I hope to work through those tonight, too, if time allows. *smooches [livejournal.com profile] jeconais and [livejournal.com profile] jenadamson*

Time for dinner. Then bookbag packing and final studying. Then the bedtime ritual for the boys. Then working on the betaing stuff.
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...doubt it.

I've decided my life is on an eternal fast track.  And it will remain so until I get these kids out of school.  *sigh*

Yesterday was tutoring and the school had their monthly skating party.  It was actually a good time - I found out that one of Nick's friends' dad went to school with me in Middle School. I actually went home and pulled my old year books and had a look.  Gah, you should see the pictures of me.  In the spirit of [livejournal.com profile] elsielann  (since she posted one of herself from her childhood), I should scan the pictures and post them for grins.

I also chatted with another mom about ADD and the school the kids are in.  Anyway, it was a good time at the 'ol skating rink last night.

I misjudged my time yesterday at work and I was late getting the kids.  Must work on getting my timing down better.  Just me not realizing how long it would take for me to do a certain project.

The van's at the dealer's today getting an oil change.  We have free oil changes for 2 years from our dealer with a free rental car.  So, we are trying to be good auto owners and actually get it changed when we're suppose to and all that jazz.  I am zipping around town in a dark blue PT Cruiser for the day.

I need to beta at some point today.  I've got half of one story done ([livejournal.com profile] jeconais ) and 2 chapters of another (Gridley).  I'm also planning on getting one of my stories edited this week and sent off to [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  so she can beta it, and send it on to the gal she's mentoring to give her an example of how to add comments, what types of things to say, catch, etc.  Anyway, that's what's up on the betaing world.

Go read...

Sep. 12th, 2005 09:19 pm
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New story by [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90. It's Neville/Susan love. It is wonderful.  Go here to read.


[profile] [profile] [profile]


Aug. 31st, 2005 11:43 am
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The sun is peeking out, and we are heading to the county fair for some fair food for lunch. It is our yearly office tradition. And a good one at that.

And I just got done pre-betaing [livejournal.com profile] jeconais  's last part to White Knight, Grey Queen.  It. Was. Wonderful. It was 135 pages.  It took me a while to get through.

If you've not read it, it is here.  But be warned:  It is Harry/Pansy. But hey, if a H/G shipper like myself can read it and really, really enjoy it, you can too.


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