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No real news from the doctor - just he thinks it was food related, triggering the gall bladder, which raised the lipase, causing the pancreatitis.  (Got that?)  I'm to take the stomach medicine through the end of the week (end of prescription), then stop, let the doc know next week how I am, and go from there.  If everything is fine, I'm to have follow-up bloodwork in three weeks to make sure the Lipase is indeed going down.

Thanks again to everyone on my flist for all the thoughts, prayers and hugs.  It really meant more than I can ever express. *glomps you all*




Off to finish some emails.

*hugs flist again*

PS: New icons.  Love. Them.

Sunday Eve

Jul. 29th, 2007 08:57 pm
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It's Sunday evening once again, and I'm getting ready for the work week.

I want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers during the whole pancreatitis episode.  I will speak to my doctor tomorrow to figure out what the next step is.  I think it's still related to eating and the gall bladder, but won't know until I follow up tomorrow.  *hugs flist for all their thoughts, prayers, and hugs*

I want to take some time to actually give my thoughts on both the OotP movie and DH.  I will LJ cut them to save the innocent:

OotP )

DH )
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I had a message on the answering machine today from my doctor that said the CAT scan was fine.  I have no other info than that, and it's past closing time at the doctor's office so I can't call until Monday.  So at this point, I don't know what caused the problem in FL.
I'll update again once I talk directly to the doctor.
Thanks so much for all your love, support and prayers.  You all are the bestest.
*hugs and smooches*
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Now to wait for the results.

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The contrast drink for a CAT scan?  BLECH.

That is all.


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Two posts - back to back days!  Unbelievable!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers as I'm going through this whole process of finding out what's causing the pancreatitis.

I've always had a sort of irrational fear of dying young, so when my health is threatened, I really go into fear mode.  And that's a lot of what's going on.

I don't so much fear dying as I fear leaving my young boys behind before they're raised.  And that's where a lot of this whole "petrified" state comes from.

Anyway, the CAT scan is tomorrow at 9:15.  I have to start drinking the stuff tonight (it's a CAT scan with contrast), and I'm trying to "Hope for the Best".

Yesterday was my first day back to work after vacation - I had been off since the 12th - and it went well.  It was a good diversion from what's been going on.  And I was actually looking forward to going back - which is odd for me, but I guess with what all went on on vacation and the fact I do like my job, it was a nice change.

After work, the eldest had to be dropped at a swimming party for his class at school (it's a yearly thing) at 5, the youngest had a basketball game at 5:30, the second oldest had basketball practice at 7 (same spot as the youngest basketball game), and the husband had a band concert at 6:45.  Basically, I left work at 4:25, got the kids, picked up money for the swim party (I had 1 large bill left from our vacation and I didn't think the swim club would break it), dropped the eldest off, took the youngest to his game and watched it, ran the kids through McDonalds to eat a quick dinner, ran the second oldest back to basketball, took the third oldest and youngest and went to listen to the hubby play in the band (which thankfully got over about half-hour earlier than anticipated, and he took the youngest home with him), went back and picked up the second oldest (with the third oldest in tow), and then back to the swim party to pick up the oldest.

All in all - I left the house yesterday at 7:25 AM.  I got home at 8:40 PM. o_O

Tonight isn't horrible - the youngest has bball practice at 5:30, then home.  I start drinking the lovely CAT scan cocktail at 8. Then at 9. Then tomorrow morning at 7:15 and 8:15.

Thanks again to everyone for the lovely thoughts and prayers. If I could ask that they keep coming?

*hugs y'all*
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I've not posted in over a month, but I have been trying to keep up with everyone's lives.  I was gone last week for our annual trip to Florida (where I unfortunately had no internet), but other than that have been working and running kids hither and thither.

I've seen OotP now twice (once on opening morning - 12:01 - and yesteray at the IMAX) and have read the book through once and have started my second readthrough.  I'll save my thoughts for another day when I'm more coherent and not so worried and scared.

As I said, we just got back from our annual trip to Florida on Saturday and vacation didn't end well - I ended up in the Emergency Room of their local hospital on Friday morning.  I woke up with a terrible pain in my chest that radiated to my back.  I got up at around 3 (I woke at 2:30) and walked around the condo a bit.  I went to the hospital about 4:15 - drove myself.  Was there about 5 hours.  They checked me for both cardiac and gastric problems, and the only thing they found was that my Lipase level was elevated, which indicates probable pancreatitis.  They gave me meds, including one for nausea and vomiting and pain (I had started vomiting after they gave me the "GI cocktail" - not sure what all was in it but it was pretty horrible.  Then I couldn't stop vomiting).  I drove myself back to the condo at 9:30 and went to sleep for a couple hours.  Then I did salvage the day by going to the beach with the boys.
I followed up yesterday with my doctor, and he has scheduled a CAT scan for Thursday.
If you could keep me and my family in your prayers, I'd appreciate it.  I'm currently pretty scared about the whole thing.  I'm worried it's pancreatic cancer - which is hard to treat and usually kills in a year.  I was even afraid to read on the 'net for fear my worst fears would be confirmed.  It turned out that actually there's a low chance it is cancer, so while that's helped, I'm still worried.  It could be my gallbladder, it could be my Hormone Replacement Therapy.  It could be high cholesterol.  The Lipase level wasn't too elevated, but it was above normal.  The three most common causes are gallbladder, high cholesterol and alcoholism.  I've never had an issue with alcohol, my cholesterol is on the high side, but last it was checked, it was the good cholesterol.  The gallbladder makes the most sense to me, but the enzymes for that were fine.  Mike and I found that pancreatitis can be caused by estrogen and also cancer, but they're not common causes.  I'm on a fairly high dose of estrogen, so that could be the culprit.
The doctor has tried to reassure me that he doesn't think it's cancer - he thinks I ate too many rich foods while vacationing that flared up the gall bladder and that's the culprit.  I try to take reassurance from his words, but it's been a rough few days.

This has really rocked me to the core - I am terribly frightened and any ache or pain I have I worry that there's something brewing that is serious and life-threatening.  I am trying to remain positive, but it's been hard.  I've got four kids to raise, and I'm having a hard time because I'm scared I'm not going to be here to raise them.

If you all could keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers I'd appreciate it.  I'll keep you posted of what they find out on Thursday.

Thanks so much.  Much Love to my FList *huggles you*


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