Nov. 2nd, 2005 05:43 pm
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Busy day. Horrible hormones. Kids not cooperating.

That is all.
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Today was extremely busy, with just work busy-ness mostly. I'm sitting here chillin' right now, but will be heading to bed shortly.

Still very short tempered for the most part. *sigh*

It is raining like crazy here -- and very, very,very cold. Okay...maybe not that cold, but it's really cold by October standards. And it was snowing today when I went out to get my preschooler from preschool. I was not amused.

Took the oldest out to finish getting supplies to put together his Halloween costume. He's going to be Santa Claus this year. My others plan to be Harry Potter, The Thing (Fantastic 4 Thing), and SpongeBob. Quite the eclectic group.

 And I'm sitting here listening to the GoF soundtrack and enjoying it.

Please click the link and help provide free mammograms.  All you have to do is click the button located on the main page.  It's free, and by clicking on the button mammograms are funded. /end PSA.


Oct. 18th, 2005 04:04 pm
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Today has gone by in a whirlwind -- the day was busy at work, and now I'm home and waiting on the school bus. It is late, because the bus driver was having them do a fire drill today (I know because I went by the switch point, as they were unloading out the back end).

It is odd today -- son 2 had tutoring yesterday instead of today, and Karate has now been moved from Monday to Tuesday, so things are all switched around.

My Remus/Tonks story is now with [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  for posting.  *hugs her*

I'm still feeling fairly good on the new hormones.  *fingers crossed* I hope it stays that way.  Will see what the blood work shows in about 2 weeks.

And clicky clicky on the breast cancer site link .  They are way, way behind on their goal of 750 mammograms for the month of October.  Every click is equal to three clicks during this month.  Please go click and fund mammograms.  It's free, and it only takes a moment to make a difference.

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The alarm on the work freezer went off this morning, so I got a call from the hospital at 5AM. I came in early to check it, and it was fine. Darn thing!

My wedding set is ready at the jewelers, so I will be going to get it today.

I hope to get my R/T story to [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  in the next few minutes.

I am starting to feel human again, thanks to the adjustment in hormones. I'm still doing the treadmill thing -- I'm doing 15 minutes/1 mile a night. I hope to continue it every night for two weeks, then taper back to four-five times a week. And I hope to drop five or ten pounds in the process.

As a reminder, clicky-clicky the link to help fund mammograms.

Off to finish up work!

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Happy Friday...

*hugs* to [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn  because she is the bestest.  I went to the hairdressers on Saturday to have the head o' hair coloured, cut, conditioned and such. I was talking with the said hairdresser about the fact that my hair never feels the way it does leaving the solon when I do it.  I use a straightener on it, all the same products she does, and my hair ends up flyaway, dry feeling and just basically unmanagable.  The hairdresser said that it's the straightener that makes a difference and the ones that you buy in a drugstore do not get hot enough to work on the hair (or maybe it's just my hair it doesn't work on).  The straightener they use in the solon is a professional grade, and it can be purchased in the solon.

For $120.00.

I decided not to buy it then and there, because I had just forked over $160.00 to have the hair coloured (I take "extra colour" because of how much hair I have), conditioned, cut, and styled, plus my eyebrows waxed (yes, I pay for pain), plus I had to buy conditioner for home.  So, I decided to think about it before I purchased.

I also have to fork over money to have my engagement ring fixed.  To the tune of $300.00.

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn and I were Y!Ming on Saturday night, and I was telling her my saga. She told me she loved her hair straightener, that it gets super-hot, and that it was reasonably priced (around 30 bucks) at Sally's Beauty Supply.  So I finally found a convenient Sally's and stopped yesterday and bought the recommended straightener.

I could just kiss [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn .

Best 40 bucks I've spent on a hair appliance ever.

I played with it some last night, and then again this morning, and I've had people stopping and telling me how wonderful my hair looks.  They want to know if I went to the salon last night.

My hair looks and feels like it does when I leave the salon.  And this is coming from the gal who does not primp.  At all.  But I love the way my hair looks and feels after using this product.  'Tis wonderful.

So thank you, [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn  , for sharing this gem with me.  *hugshugshugshugs* and a little bit of Hugh just for good measure. *grin*

In other news, I'm calling the doc today to work on adjusting my hormones.  His day off was yesterday.  I'm hoping we get things set soon.  I can't stand the way I'm acting.  Esp. at home.  At least I realize what the problem is. That's part of the battle.  And at least I'm willing to do something about it.

And as always, please click the link in my LJ for breast cancer.  Help fund those mammograms.

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'Cause it sure as hell is acting like it.

cut to spare my flist of my rants of the day )


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