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We have strep throat at our house.

Can't wait to see who comes down with it next!

While my mind was whittling away really serious illness (and I am very thankful it's nothing serious), this one is just problematic in who will stay with the bugger until he gets enough antibiotics in him to be non-contagious.  At least it's usually easy to cure.

I'm waiting for my throat to get sore - guess who's been slobbered, coughed, breathed on over the last several days?!?  Go on, guess!

I'm at home waiting for Mike to relieve me so I can go grab lunch with a friend (I had this planned eons ago), and then back to work for the afternoon.

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The barfing disease has hit our house. Son2 has thrown up this morning prior to leaving for school. Lovely.

Hubby is home until I can get there - I had 2 clinical specimens that came in late yesterday that need done.

Off to do them.
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I will be seeing various doctors more often than I prefer over the next two weeks:

  • Ben was seen in the Urgent Care on Saturday for an ear infection.
  • Ben needs to be re-checked in 14 days by his regular doctor.
  • Nick needs a follow-up chest X-ray for his pneumonia
  • I have an appt scheduled on the 13th for a hormone recheck -- bloodwork and doctor visit.
  • I'm heading to the doctor today because the cough I have from the URI infection from two weeks ago has stalled out and is not getting any better.

Nick and I also had dental appts scheduled for next week, but those got cancelled.

In other news, Joshua's basketball team is 4 - 0 so far.  Their coaches are really very good, and are teaching a lot of strategy techniques.  The team was getting beat pretty hard after the first quarter in yesterday's game by a very aggressive team, and whatever our one coach saw, he was able to communicate to the boys, and they went out and beat the other team by 10 and kept the other team to scoring only 8 point in the last three quarters. (Final score was 25-15).  Their one coach was a pro baseball player, and knows a thing or two about strategy.  He works with the kids individually while the head coach works with the team as a whole.  It's a good system and seems to be working very well for these boys.

Josh isn't much of a basketball player but is one of the taller ones, so he can rebound really good and get it to someone who can move the ball back up the court and score.  He doesn't play a lot each game (although Saturday's game was an easy win, so he was in that game a bit more), but he loves it, so that's what's important.

And next week we have his very first band concert. That will be interesting...

We went and had brunch with Santa on Sunday -- which was very, very nice.  It's sponsored by my hospital, and is an all you can eat buffet with some made-to-order things.  Really good food (considering it's the hospital cafeteria), and the boys got to see Santa -- who Ben still wanted nothing to do with.

And my Color Challenge fiction is up here in my journal.  And I've almost got my fiction for [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly  's birthday done. And I've accepted the Christmas Challenge for the [livejournal.com profile] hbp_ficafest .

PhoenixSong is now accepting submissions for Holiday-Themed stories only.  Stories must be five chapters or shorter to be considered.  See their Homepage and Nest for details.

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Back to work after ten days, and it basically sucked.  Not horrible, work-wise, but I'm still carrying a cough and sound like someone else due to the upper respiratory crap I developed over last week.  I'm feeling better except for the abdominal muscles I've pulled coughing my lungs up.  And my incisions from 5 months ago hurt.

And I had to go for my every 6 month follow-up mammogram of my right side.  So I've been squished today, too.

/end whinging.

Work has actually gone smoothly, albeit busy.  I had to rush and get an order in by Dec. 1st (I thought the deadline was Dec. 15th).  And I had a few things I didn't do right before I left go haywire (nothing major).  I have an audio conference on Wednesday about UNANNOUNCED inspections for the lab in the future (can't you hear my excitement of this announcement coming through your computer?), and while I don't think this will be a huge deal (it better not be), I need to listen to this audio conference to make sure.  Basically, I think what it'll mean to me, is that anywhere from 6 months before my anniversary date here at the lab (March 12th, 2007) until said anniversary date, the inspectors can walk in unannounced and do my inspection that occurs every 2 years.  This means that 6 months prior to that date (approx. Sept 12th, 2006) I'll have to have all my i's dotted and t's crossed in case they walk in, instead of by the date of the inspection.  It also means my paperwork that has to be in prior to inspection (and it's a LOT of paperwork) will have to be in earlier.  Oh Joy..  In all honesty, I can't see them coming in any closer than 3 months prior, but that's just me.  I get 10 blackout dates, which I need to find out if 1 blackout date is one date or can be a block of dates (ie: I'll be out of the lab Nov 17-25th -- is that one date or 7?)

While I've felt they should be doing unannounced inspections for a while, it does suck to see them implement them.  I'll get over it.

In fandom news, I've not written a lick, thanks to the URI I've had.  I've now accepted to small challenges, and must get to work on them.  One is a small drabble for [livejournal.com profile] hpgw_otp and one is a birthday pressie for [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly .  We'll see if I get a chance to write tonight; hubby has band, and it's just the kids and I hanging out after homework.

The eldest announced to my husband as he was getting on the bus this morning, not to forget that he and his two other school-aged brothers have their first chess club meeting tonight after school.  Of course, it's not hubby that has to pick them up.  It's me.  Hubby did email me and asked if I knew about this (of course, I didn't).  My mom later calls and tells me that my eldest called her about it, so that she knew not to meet the schoolbus today, and whether or not she could pick them up.  She called me, and we squared it away.

Life is back to normal at our house. Insanely busy.

We are (mostly) all decorated for the holidays -- we tend to do it the weekend after Christmas, just so it's done and out of the way -- it's hard for us to do it throughout the week, and the weekends get so busy so fast during the holidays.  Hubby and I are both home the four days at Thanksgiving, the house is usually not in horrible shape after hosting Thanksgiving, so we just go ahead and get it done.  The one tree is a monster -- it's a 9 foot artificial that has to be put together branch by branch and not prelit.  That one takes us a while to get up and going.  We hope to buy a pre-lit one soon, but we want one that is multi-colored lights and we haven't found one locally that is reasonably priced.  So we suffer with putting this one together.  We bought it the day after Christmas in 1996, and it still looks good.  I'll take pictures when I get my act together.

I have our large nativity to get out yet, and we have the outside lights to get up.  Then we will be done.  Of course we still have to shop...

And one other tidbit -- I took the older two to see GoF on Tuesday evening (they loved it as much as their mum), and I took all four of them to see Chicken Little on Wednesday.  On Thursday, the youngest (he's 4 1/2) dons the HP glasses from Halloween.  I look at him and say, "Oh, are you my little Harry Potter?"  His response?  "No, mom, I Chicken Little".  Of course it helps that he has a totally innocent face and blonde hair.  Totally believable.


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Hubby arrived fine in Scotland today. Afte about 15 hours of travelling. He called this morning at 9:30 my time.

I had a killer headache earlier, and it is better now, but still there.

One of hubby's best friends -- the woman who sat next to him in the community band he plays in -- died last night. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of weeks ago. She last played with the band on Aug. 24th, exactly a month before she died. She played saxophone and her and my hubby both played first part. We think she was 72. She was put into a drug induced coma about a week and half ago to solve her pain issue, and was never brought out. My husband never got to really say goodbye (he's not the type to go and talk to comatose patients). He will, of course, be out of the country for the viewing or funeral (we assume he won't be back in time), which will bother him greatly.

I was a maniac with the kids this morning, in part from the killer headache. I got to relax a bit this afternoon while the youngest napped and the older ones watched TV and played. It was actually something I needed greatly. I worked on getting study material together for my son's religion test, so I can help him study for it. The test is on Tuesday.

The "fix a flat" has held for the tire. That's a good thing.

I received the next part of [livejournal.com profile] jeconais's Gabrielle story, Hope, this afternoon. I will work on betaing it tonight.

I also got back 2 of my pre-betas for my Remus/Tonks fic, called, Together. I hope to work through those tonight, too, if time allows. *smooches [livejournal.com profile] jeconais and [livejournal.com profile] jenadamson*

Time for dinner. Then bookbag packing and final studying. Then the bedtime ritual for the boys. Then working on the betaing stuff.


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