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 Quarter boy is fine - Quarter is in the stomach and should pass in a few days.

Thanks for everyone's comments - And you have to laugh at this situation.  It is funny in a lot of ways (once I calmed down!)
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...about life raising four boys.


Dinner has to be on the table early on Monday nights because hubby has band practice (plays in a local community band).  Has to leave house by 6:20.

Son 2 has basketball practice in the same general vicinity at 7:30 - decided to take him tonight to figure out where everything is to see if we can't coordinate something with hubby's band.

Pouring buckets when son 2 and I leave for practice.  I've left son 1 in charge of sons 3 and 4.  All have had showers before I left.

Get to school by 7:20 - go in wrong building.  I know this because I asked a girl coming out of the building.  Sent to building across parking lot.  Took four tries to find an open door.  In the pouring rain.  Found my hubby's band practice, but no basketball.  Found a janitor Found out that the gym is in a building across the campus.  And no, it's not a connected building.  So, we are back out in the pouring rain again of which it took me three tries to find an open door this time.

Found the gym. As I was going in the door and putting down my (sopping) umbrella, I pinched my finger so hard It bleeds.  A Lot.  So, I'm now sucking on my finger to try to get the bleeding to stop, because I have no kleenex in my purse. One of the ladies that has a son on Matt's team took me back to my car, since, frankly, I had no knittin' clue where it was.  Found car.  Went to big shopping mall (outdoor shopping mall, no less) that is right across the street to go to Panera to you know, sit and maybe write (or edit).  Ordered a decadent piece of chocolate/caramel pecan sin brownie and a chai latte.  As I'm sitting down, my cell phone rings:

Me:  Hello.

Son 1: Mom?

Mom:  Yes, J?

Son 1: N (son 3) swallowed a quarter, but I did the Heimlich maneuver and saved his life.

Mom: what? (I couldn't hear very well at that point, as they were finishing up making the chai)

Son 1:  N swallowed a quarter, but I did the Heimlich on him and saved his life.

Mom: WHAT?!?

Son 1: N swallowed a quarter by I did the Heimlich on him and saved his life. 

Mom: (at this point, I am totally, 100% completely speechless)

Son 1:  Hello?  Mom?

Mom:  You have got to be kidding me.

Son 1: No, Mom, N really swallowed a quarter and I saved him.  He's fine.

Mom:  Let me talk to N.

I proceeded to talk with N, who's crying, but apparently is fine.  I'm too far to come right home to assess the situation, so I call my trusty mom and brother.  My brother went over to look in on them and give me the true skinny on the situation.

The quarter has evidently gone on down.  I will have to take him to the ER when I get home to get him Xrayed to see exactly where it is.  He's breathing fine, and talking, so it's not currently "life-threatening".  My brother is staying there until I get home.

Why am I so calm now that I know what's happened?  Son 1 did the EXACT SAME THING six years ago when I was pregnant with Ben.  Been there. Done that. Got the darn t-shirt.

I've texted the hubby at band, but more than likely he won't get the message until band is over.  At 9.

It's going to be a late night.

But I'm so writing that book.  No one will believe my life with my boys.

Remind me to tell you all about the ceiling fan fiasco sometime.

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Two posts - back to back days!  Unbelievable!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers as I'm going through this whole process of finding out what's causing the pancreatitis.

I've always had a sort of irrational fear of dying young, so when my health is threatened, I really go into fear mode.  And that's a lot of what's going on.

I don't so much fear dying as I fear leaving my young boys behind before they're raised.  And that's where a lot of this whole "petrified" state comes from.

Anyway, the CAT scan is tomorrow at 9:15.  I have to start drinking the stuff tonight (it's a CAT scan with contrast), and I'm trying to "Hope for the Best".

Yesterday was my first day back to work after vacation - I had been off since the 12th - and it went well.  It was a good diversion from what's been going on.  And I was actually looking forward to going back - which is odd for me, but I guess with what all went on on vacation and the fact I do like my job, it was a nice change.

After work, the eldest had to be dropped at a swimming party for his class at school (it's a yearly thing) at 5, the youngest had a basketball game at 5:30, the second oldest had basketball practice at 7 (same spot as the youngest basketball game), and the husband had a band concert at 6:45.  Basically, I left work at 4:25, got the kids, picked up money for the swim party (I had 1 large bill left from our vacation and I didn't think the swim club would break it), dropped the eldest off, took the youngest to his game and watched it, ran the kids through McDonalds to eat a quick dinner, ran the second oldest back to basketball, took the third oldest and youngest and went to listen to the hubby play in the band (which thankfully got over about half-hour earlier than anticipated, and he took the youngest home with him), went back and picked up the second oldest (with the third oldest in tow), and then back to the swim party to pick up the oldest.

All in all - I left the house yesterday at 7:25 AM.  I got home at 8:40 PM. o_O

Tonight isn't horrible - the youngest has bball practice at 5:30, then home.  I start drinking the lovely CAT scan cocktail at 8. Then at 9. Then tomorrow morning at 7:15 and 8:15.

Thanks again to everyone for the lovely thoughts and prayers. If I could ask that they keep coming?

*hugs y'all*
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We have strep throat at our house.

Can't wait to see who comes down with it next!

While my mind was whittling away really serious illness (and I am very thankful it's nothing serious), this one is just problematic in who will stay with the bugger until he gets enough antibiotics in him to be non-contagious.  At least it's usually easy to cure.

I'm waiting for my throat to get sore - guess who's been slobbered, coughed, breathed on over the last several days?!?  Go on, guess!

I'm at home waiting for Mike to relieve me so I can go grab lunch with a friend (I had this planned eons ago), and then back to work for the afternoon.



Nov. 2nd, 2005 05:43 pm
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Busy day. Horrible hormones. Kids not cooperating.

That is all.


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