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Tomorrow, the boys start school.
Ben will start all day Kindergarten.
Eight years ago this week, we started with our current sitter.
Today, was our last full-time day with her.
Next week will be the first time I've not had a day care bill in 13 years.
Next week, I start saving for parochial High School.  (Josh starts in 2 yrs.)
Bookbags are packed. Lunch money is in the school accounts (everyone's buying tomorrow), everyone knows their PIN numbers for lunch. Bus Passes are in everyone's bookbag, and the safety patrol hats are attached to Josh and Matt's bookbags (they are on patrol this week and next). Nick and Ben's snacks are packed, and water bottles are in the freezer.
Clothes are laid out, but still need to get new shoes laced. 
The kids will have a hot first day - no air, and up in the mid nineties.  They may end up ending school early tomorrow due to heat.  Josh and Matt are upstairs in the school building, Ben and Nick are downstairs.
Pictures soon.
Have a great first day to everyone who starts soon, and I hope those who have started have had a great start!


In other news, we're not flooded, but there is loads of it happening within the state.

Work is busy, and I had to go stand up for myself (and the other 2 ladies in the group) today.  Long story, and we'll see how it all pans out before anything else is said.

I'm not looking forward to the start of Homework.  *sigh*
The boys all got fine teachers - Nicholas I was worried about - the one third grade teacher is a nightmare, and I was worried about him.  But he got the other one, so we're good.  I am hoping this is a good year.
Matt goes in two weeks for a consult for a secondary set of braces.  There is talk that Nicholas needs to start his first set.  Nicholas had to go today and have a tooth pulled.  It was interferring with the permanent teeth, and starting to abscess.  Lovely.  The tooth fairy has to come tonight.

Thinking of getting a new laptop.  Haven't decided yet, but the HD on this one is full, so I've got to move files and the like.
This is such a pointless post.
*hugs flist*
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Six out of seven done - finished them last night.  I have to go back and read a spot in canon before I start the next one.

Two of the boys have doctor's appt. this morning - have to have a meds meeting for the one with ADD, and the other one has an odd mole I want looked at.  So those two can stay in bed a bit longer than normal.

I'm going to hit the shower here shortly after getting the younger two up - my hubby's still taking them to the sitter.  The older ones get to sleep, and I'm hitting my shower before getting them up.

Sort of looking into a new laptop.   This one's starting to play up a bit.  Will give it to the kiddos.

Have a great Monday!
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...and what have I done??

Well, today started off simple enough.  Son 2 was at a friend's house, having spent the night and was due home around 3PM.


1. Went to Church and while there got the neverending packet of school papers for the upcoming school year.  Found out I had the first day of school wrong!  The kids always start on a Wednesday, so I assumed they did again this year.  WRONG!  They start on Thursday.  The kids are excited.

2.  Went to lunch with the family, my mom, aunt and my aunt's granddaughter that just got back from Australia.  Listen to her talk about her trip with People to People. (It sounded amazing!)

3.  Came home and worked on drabbles - 4 done, 2 started.  And the 4 done are exactly 100 words each. *is proud*

4.  Went to grocery after Son 2 got home after 4 (I did know he was going to be late).

5.  Did ice cream with the family (we eat such a late lunch on Sunday,  we usually don't eat a formal dinner on Sunday night, but rather snack and such).

6.  Went to Hell Wal-Mart to shop for school supplies. Spent $97.00 + change for all four kids.  Still short a few things, but the majority is bought!

7.  Put a screaming Son 4 (six years old) to bed at 7:50 due to a total melt down in Hell Wal-Mart.

Our adventures at <strike>Hell</strike> Wal-Mart... )

Well, son four decided that he wanted everything he saw at Hell Wal-Mart, and wouldn't understand the notion that "No, we are not buying that for you. We are here for school supplies."  After the millionth "I want it," I had really had it.  He was brought home and put to bed.  End of subject.  He just can't seem to learn the lesson that Mom is the boss and that she will win during the battle of the wills. Period.


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I received seven requests for drabbles - I've finished two and have two others started.  I plan to post them all at once.


Today was another hot day, and we headed to Kings Island for the afternoon.  It was nice and hot at the waterpark.  We've decided that we won't get passes again next year - kids seem bored with it.  I think we will plan to go on vacation for almost two weeks next summer instead. :)

Tentative Plan is as follows:

Monday - leave for Orlando (perhaps start out late on Sunday)
Tuesday - rest and play at the hotel (in the pool, shopping, etc)
Wednesday - Disney
Thursday - go to Naples to visit Mike's uncles
Friday - Naples
Saturday - Leave Naples for Daytona Beach for our annual week.

Sounds like a plan to me. :o)


I have the goal to blog everyday this month.  We'll see how I do.


This was pretty much a totally pointless post.



Aug. 3rd, 2007 05:38 am
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Thank God it's Friday.  Thank God it's Friday.  Thank God it's Friday. Thank God it's Friday.

It's been a long week, and I'm not sure why. I'm just glad it's over.  *does happy dance*

For those who have asked for a drabble (there's seven requests so far - there's still three that can be claimed),  I'm working on them.  I've got ideas in my mind on most of them, and I hope to work today at lunch on them or tonight.

Not a whole lot to report here.  Stomach/gall bladder has been behaving, work is busy (will be really busy today and for the next 15 weeks or so. *sigh*), the kids are busy with the end of Basketball.

Lemme see...what else...the kids start back to school in 2 1/2 weeks O_o.  I am so not ready.  We will start the whole school supply business this weekend.  *double sigh*

Uniform-wise, they're okay until end of September.  I need to order the oldest pants, but will not do that until closer to the time he needs them - they can wear shorts through the end of October, but usually it's too cold for them by mid October.  I will wait until closer to the end of September to order the oldest's pants - he's growing by leaps and bounds and is *this close* to being taller than his ol' mom.  And he's loving every minute of it.  Of course I remember when I was taller than my mom and loving it too, so he gets it honest.  Of course it wasn't hard to be taller than my mom - she was only 4'11".

We do have to get new shoes.  The boys go through so many shoes.

/boring life update.

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I've decided to post some links to some incredible art that I just absolutely adore.  Most is DH related, so I'll post them under a cut.

I know most of these have probably already been seen, but well, if you're living under a rock right now, you might not have...

Not much else to report - sort of quiet, really.  I've not done any emailing or writing or whatnot, and it won't happen again tonight.  Life with the boys has been busy.
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Two posts - back to back days!  Unbelievable!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers as I'm going through this whole process of finding out what's causing the pancreatitis.

I've always had a sort of irrational fear of dying young, so when my health is threatened, I really go into fear mode.  And that's a lot of what's going on.

I don't so much fear dying as I fear leaving my young boys behind before they're raised.  And that's where a lot of this whole "petrified" state comes from.

Anyway, the CAT scan is tomorrow at 9:15.  I have to start drinking the stuff tonight (it's a CAT scan with contrast), and I'm trying to "Hope for the Best".

Yesterday was my first day back to work after vacation - I had been off since the 12th - and it went well.  It was a good diversion from what's been going on.  And I was actually looking forward to going back - which is odd for me, but I guess with what all went on on vacation and the fact I do like my job, it was a nice change.

After work, the eldest had to be dropped at a swimming party for his class at school (it's a yearly thing) at 5, the youngest had a basketball game at 5:30, the second oldest had basketball practice at 7 (same spot as the youngest basketball game), and the husband had a band concert at 6:45.  Basically, I left work at 4:25, got the kids, picked up money for the swim party (I had 1 large bill left from our vacation and I didn't think the swim club would break it), dropped the eldest off, took the youngest to his game and watched it, ran the kids through McDonalds to eat a quick dinner, ran the second oldest back to basketball, took the third oldest and youngest and went to listen to the hubby play in the band (which thankfully got over about half-hour earlier than anticipated, and he took the youngest home with him), went back and picked up the second oldest (with the third oldest in tow), and then back to the swim party to pick up the oldest.

All in all - I left the house yesterday at 7:25 AM.  I got home at 8:40 PM. o_O

Tonight isn't horrible - the youngest has bball practice at 5:30, then home.  I start drinking the lovely CAT scan cocktail at 8. Then at 9. Then tomorrow morning at 7:15 and 8:15.

Thanks again to everyone for the lovely thoughts and prayers. If I could ask that they keep coming?

*hugs y'all*


Apr. 28th, 2007 10:23 pm
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I've survived the third son's First Communion. And I'm in one piece. But my back is killing me, and I'm exhausted. The kitchen is basically cleaned up - I need to do a better sweep job than I did tonight, but all the food is cleaned up, and all the dishes but the stuff in the dishwasher are done.

Now to survive the slumber party next weekend. - six sixth grade boys, a fifth grade boy, a second grade boy and a T-K boy. Should be...interesting.

I'm off to zzzzz land.

*hugs flist*


Apr. 5th, 2007 05:56 am
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Yesterday was on of those days.  You know the kind.  The ones you leave the house at 7AM and basically don't grace your doorstep again until 9:30 in the evening.  I was home about 10 minutes for those 14 1/2 hours.

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Just wanted to pop on and say Happy Valentine's Day to my flist.  I hope yu all have a wonderful day spent with whoever you choose to spend it with. *glomps you all*

Off until "officially" 11:30 this morning due to ice all over the roads.  I am going to try to get in queue to get on Base around 10:30 (It took something like 40 minutes to get on Base last week with a 2 hour delay).

Casserole is made for dinner tonight, dishes are done or loaded into the dishwasher and a load of laundry is in the washer.  I didn't do much of anything yesterday - I did beta and post 

[personal profile] aggiebell90 's story, Dumbledore's Man.  Go read and review. Other than that, I napped and sat and played on the computer.  Not terribly productive.

And if you've not got over to PhoenixSong to vote in the fourth annual Valentine's Writing Contest, please do so.  You do have to be logged in to vote, but I know the authors would appreciate the votes and the reviews.  Off you go... *grin*

Okay...off to get coffee and go through some papers.



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I hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful one. I had 22 at my house, and it went fairly well. Busy but well. We got to see the wedding pictures from my cousin's daughter's wedding which was certainly fun.

Friday was Black Friday and I'm one of those idiots shoppers out at the butt-crack of dawn. I don't go out every year - there has to be something out there that I need at a really good price.

This year it was a Christmas tree. We have a 9 foot, unlit, artificial, put together branch by branch tree that went in our Great Room. It was a pain in the proverbial butt each year to put up. I've been lamenting for years that I want a prelit for that room - three or four piecer that would not take me 3 hours just to assemble - not to mention how long it took my hubby to put lights on it (because I could never put them on correctly. *rolls eyes*). The tree is only a 7.5 foot tree, prelit, and was a $300.00 tree for only $118.00 at JC Penneys. The crowd wasn't horrible there, I was out and over at Best Buy (for a Game Boy for one of the boys) by 5:30. Where I had to wait in line outside to get in (they opened at 5 - figure that one out). I got a couple of Game Boys for Santa to give, and then drove through Target's Lot only to drive out the other side. I did stop by Big Lots, and then out to Elder Beermans to see if my favorite jeans were on sale, and then to Starbucks and home.

So yesterday was spent decorating the house. We had the inside pretty much done by last night - did the outside lights today.

I bought a Chocolate Fountain yesterday, also. We tried it last night, but it doesn't seem to heat hot enough to keep the chocolate melted. I may try it again to see if I did something wrong last night, and if it doesn't work again I'll be taking it back or exchanging it. It was sort of a bummer.

Tonight, I made caramel corn. Yum.

Mike and I are going to go out and do a spot of shopping. We need an outside timer for the lights.


Thanksgiving is a time when I do try to sit back and reflect on all that I have, and what I'm thankful for. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and first and foremost is my health and my family. This is the first year I've actually felt human for most of the time, and that's a true blessing. I'm very thankful for the boys in my life. They are a complete and utter joy - even the "big one".

I'm also thankful for the opportunity presented to me in a new job.

And for all of you - my friends - whether near or far, you've all been a part of my life and have helped make me who I am. Many blessings to each of you.

*hugs flist*

And special hugs to [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90 and [livejournal.com profile] wamfof because of all they're going through with their little ones. *hugs*

Job Update

Oct. 5th, 2006 06:11 pm
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Got a call today from the Uni at my home - I, of course, wasn't home, and I didn't get home in time to call tonight.  I will call tomorrow.

*fingers crossed for good offer*

In other news, Life has been a total mess this week.  Home's been busy (nothing new), but work has been the busiest I think it's ever been.  I was so stressed and exhausted yesterday.  Today was better - thank goodness.

The support help is coming in tomorrow - which is good on the work front, but with me needing to call about the other job, it could be a bit dicey.  I'll figure something out, though.  I'm definitely excited to hear what they want to offer.

*fingers crossed for good offer*

Trying to catch up on betaing and emails.  My email box has been loaded lately.

In other news, tomorrow night, my eldest is playing his saxophone at the catholic high school feeder school night at the football game.  Should be a fun night.


May. 2nd, 2006 09:15 pm
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It. Has. Been. A. Hellava. Day.

End. Of. Story.

Good Night.
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Nicked from [personal profile] aggiebell90...

The first 10 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble (real drabble: 100 words exactly) from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for.

I only write in the Harry Potter fandom, so, don't request anything else. And I would appreciate a prompt and characters of what you'd like - please no pairings you know I am totally against (such as D/G - *shudder*)


I've been doing a bit of cooking today - I cooked up some chicken to freeze for easy - to - use chicken for recipes calling for cooked chicken.  I also made up some Monkey Bread (recipe compliments of [personal profile] bistyboo1974 ). And the husband wanted more hard boiled eggs, so I did those, too.  Yesterday I cooked a large dish of Mosticcoli (I can never spell it correctly).  So, I've been Susie Homemaker.

I go back to work tomorrow - ick.  The kids go back to school - ick.  Back to homework hell and work hell.  I did find out Friday when I stopped by work to pick up the birthday cake for the party yesterday that I'm moving my office on Wednesday.  Should be interesting.  I'll have half an office and the lab.  As separate entities.  It'll be good, if the office mate doesn't become a huge PITA.  And he could.

I didn't get my utility room cleaned out like I wanted.  But the main living areas aren't too hateful for a change.

The kids only have seven weeks of school left.  *Does Happy Dance*  They get out June 7th.  Ben's done May 26th with a graduation. From preschool.  It is actually too darn cute.

Off to eat some ice cream.  Nothing like ice cream to make you feel better about going back to work.
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My quickie posts are never really quickie...

Was late getting to work today. Hubby is ill at home (headache, stomachache, sore throat). We had major homework blues last night, so in order to study a bit more, I took the boys to school. I also had to take the youngest to preschool - my mom's car wheels were locked(?). So she couldn't get him there. I also forgot to drop lunch money off for the accounts at the older boys' school, so I ended up driving around the building after dropping them off, writing the check and going in to drop it in the office (son 3 reminded me as he was getting out of the van at the drop off door -- nice). By the time I got back to the van, I realized if I went on into work with youngest, I'd only be there a half hour before I'd have to turn around and come back past where I was to take Ben to school. So I called in and came in at 9:15.

Since the hubby's home, he should be able to get the boys off the bus, so I won't have to leave too early. 

Science Fair update: May fly paper airplanes tonight with son 2-- the weather is nice outside, with no snow and dry conditions. So, it would be a good afternoon to get some of our flights out of the way. And my eldest is on day 8 of data collection for his science fair! Whoo Hoo! Once we get the data collected, we'll start the show boards.

And I wrote yesterday!  Whoo Hoo!  I got about 4 pages done on my R/T pregnancy fic.  Not the one I wanted to write on, but hey, I wrote.  Not sure if I'll keep it -- wasn't terribly stellar writing on my part, but it's a start.

And the foot is sort of at a standstill on healing.  It still hurts, and is a bit swollen and well, just sort of stalling out.  Will watch another couple days, then get the thing X-rayed if it doesn't start getting better again.  I don't have time for it to be broke.  I have informed the foot of that.

Off to do some work.


Oct. 18th, 2005 04:04 pm
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Today has gone by in a whirlwind -- the day was busy at work, and now I'm home and waiting on the school bus. It is late, because the bus driver was having them do a fire drill today (I know because I went by the switch point, as they were unloading out the back end).

It is odd today -- son 2 had tutoring yesterday instead of today, and Karate has now been moved from Monday to Tuesday, so things are all switched around.

My Remus/Tonks story is now with [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  for posting.  *hugs her*

I'm still feeling fairly good on the new hormones.  *fingers crossed* I hope it stays that way.  Will see what the blood work shows in about 2 weeks.

And clicky clicky on the breast cancer site link .  They are way, way behind on their goal of 750 mammograms for the month of October.  Every click is equal to three clicks during this month.  Please go click and fund mammograms.  It's free, and it only takes a moment to make a difference.

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'Cause it sure as hell is acting like it.

cut to spare my flist of my rants of the day )

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My weekend and week will be busy.  My husband leaves tonight for Scotland until Thursday evening.

It has been a long time since I've had to single parent.  The last time I had to for a week was probably when Son 4 was an infant.  And I think the other times since have just been for an overnight and that's been a  couple of years ago.  So this week could be... interesting.

I'm getting my grocery list ready, and will head out as soon as the husband gets back from getting his hair cut.  Then we'll do lunch, and probably just hang out while he gets ready to leave.  He leaves to go to the airport about 3:30, then the boys and I will head to 5:00 Mass at our church and dinner at my parents' church which is right around the corner from our church.  We have to go to the school sometime and pick up Matt's Math book.  He forgot it.  I think we may try to finish up homework tonight after we get home and get baths.

Since we're going to Mass tonight, we'll be able to stay home tomorrow morning (and I won't have to get everyone up, dressed, and out the door for church), and then go to lunch with my Mom, brother and aunt (a weekly tradition).  Then we'll have the afternoon to play and study for any upcoming tests this week (yes, we study in advance -- or we try).  Son 2 has at least 2 tests this week...I think actually 3.

I will probably be online more than usual this week - but it will be after everything is done at home.  I don't sleep well when my hubby is gone and I plan to do some power cleaning while the boys sleep in hopes to wear myself out.  I'm also hoping to do some more writing this week and catch up on things online.  Submissions for PhoenixSong open tomorrow and will remain open until Wednesday night.

If you can spare some "stay safe" thoughts and/or prayers for my hubby while he travels, I would appreciate it.

*begin selfpimpage* And the luverly [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  posted my hpgw_otp numbers challenge ficlets at PhoenixSong. */end selfpimpage* *smooches her*

And continued *huggles* for [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  and her family as they weather the hurricane.  It doesn't appear to be beating on them too terribly bad.  They appear to be right on the very edge.


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