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Hey [personal profile] mmmusings(aka Ms. Stepford) ... want to make me an icon for Susie Homemaker? (ETA: Check out the icon!)

So, I've been home since around 3:30ish, and I've cooked dinner and I'm in the process of baking cookies.  I've also got bread going for dinner tomorrow night.  Yes, it is me, Susie Homemaker, at your disposal.

It is a really nice afternoon/early evening.  It was 83 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze.  I have the windows open, the ceiling fans on, and the house is really pleasant.
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I rarely update on the weekend...I'm rarely online when I'm home with the monsters...

We have a busy weekend this weekend:

  • Husband got his hair cut and the oil changed in our collector car
  • We are going to friends tonight for a cookout
  • We're going to the amusement park tomorrow for a last day there before they close for the season
  • Monday is the local parade which we are all going to be in (the church did a float for the parade, so the kids and I are going to be there, hubby is playing his sax with the community band he plays with).
  • The Catholic High School next to our school and church is having their annual festival, and we will be there Monday afternoon.

In between all this, I have to get to the grocery, finish the laundry, clean up the kitchen.  The cake is baked (well, it's in the oven) for the cookout tonight. Homework is essentially done (one kid has a religion  test on Tuesday). Plus I need to find time to help [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn  with PS submissions.

I'm tired already.

But I'll share the cake recipe because it is a definite keeper:

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake )

And because I'm in the sharing mood:

Homemade Vanilla )


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