Sep. 26th, 2005 08:17 am
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Well, I went to bed late last night...

As in 2AM.

I've mentioned that I can't sleep while hubby's away, and it kicked in -- full force -- yesterday. So, I was up sorting through piles of stuff that had gotten scattered around the house. I have the family room at least in some semblance of order. I still have to dust and clean off the TV. And fold the laundry. And put the laundry away. Then the family room will be cleaned up. The dining room is clean with the exception of the baker's rack that's in there. I need to go through the stuff on it.

Then I need to tackle the kitchen.

I got to work "on time" this morning, and will probably stay close to my 8 hours. Tomorrow I'm coming in late and leaving early. Wednesday, I'm not sure yet, same with Thursday. Friday, hubby will be home,and I'll probably work my full day. A lot of the "time" I take off will depend on how much I can get done at home while trying to do the homework routine. And I will more than likely be going to hubby's friend's funeral, and I'm not sure when that is yet. And it will also depend on how this insomnia plays out.

Rita's here and dumping rain. It should move out here shortly, by the looks of the weather map. I'd say we got probably a half inch or less. It was just a nice steady rain -- no torrential downpours.
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Looks like Rita will arrive here tonight. We're expecting a half inch rain tonight and very heavy rains tomorrow. I think they said up to two inches rain tomorrow.

I figured she'd end up heading our way...most hurricanes - once they make landfall - usually spreads out enough for us to get some of the rain.

I tried last night to get my wireless network back up. I have my laptop hooked to wires because my router went kaput last spring. I didn't hook something up correctly. So...I gave up last night (I was frustrated) and will try again later today.

Happy Sunday! I'm going to clean up a bit. The house is out of control.
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My weekend and week will be busy.  My husband leaves tonight for Scotland until Thursday evening.

It has been a long time since I've had to single parent.  The last time I had to for a week was probably when Son 4 was an infant.  And I think the other times since have just been for an overnight and that's been a  couple of years ago.  So this week could be... interesting.

I'm getting my grocery list ready, and will head out as soon as the husband gets back from getting his hair cut.  Then we'll do lunch, and probably just hang out while he gets ready to leave.  He leaves to go to the airport about 3:30, then the boys and I will head to 5:00 Mass at our church and dinner at my parents' church which is right around the corner from our church.  We have to go to the school sometime and pick up Matt's Math book.  He forgot it.  I think we may try to finish up homework tonight after we get home and get baths.

Since we're going to Mass tonight, we'll be able to stay home tomorrow morning (and I won't have to get everyone up, dressed, and out the door for church), and then go to lunch with my Mom, brother and aunt (a weekly tradition).  Then we'll have the afternoon to play and study for any upcoming tests this week (yes, we study in advance -- or we try).  Son 2 has at least 2 tests this week...I think actually 3.

I will probably be online more than usual this week - but it will be after everything is done at home.  I don't sleep well when my hubby is gone and I plan to do some power cleaning while the boys sleep in hopes to wear myself out.  I'm also hoping to do some more writing this week and catch up on things online.  Submissions for PhoenixSong open tomorrow and will remain open until Wednesday night.

If you can spare some "stay safe" thoughts and/or prayers for my hubby while he travels, I would appreciate it.

*begin selfpimpage* And the luverly [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  posted my hpgw_otp numbers challenge ficlets at PhoenixSong. */end selfpimpage* *smooches her*

And continued *huggles* for [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  and her family as they weather the hurricane.  It doesn't appear to be beating on them too terribly bad.  They appear to be right on the very edge.


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