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I now have the van! Can I get a "yay"?!?

The air appears to be working.  The front end looks maavalous, and it seems to drive fine.  Want the hubby to drive it to make sure he's happy with it, because I don't want to hear about it over the weekend.

All is currently right in my world.
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Off I go to pick the van up...AGAIN....We'll see if the idiots had enough sense to make sure the air works this time.

*insert eyeroll here*

Thanks to [profile] bringandfly for this icon. It fits, don't you think?
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Well, I picked up the van...

Drove it about 2 miles and took that damn thing back.

There was no AIR CONDITIONING.  How in the HELL did they not realize the Air didn't work?!?  I mean, it's 90 degrees here today?!?

*calming breaths*

They'll call tomorrow.

That is all.

New Layout

Aug. 8th, 2006 03:24 pm
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In honor of the "work sucketh" day, I created a new layout while waiting for the others to bring work into me.

Big *smooches* to [personal profile] bistyboo1974 who I nicked the header from and who helped me with how to get it onto my journal.  And I'm not going to "friends only" yet, but I am considering it, since most of my posts are flocked anyway.

Or I may see if I can't get a personalized heading. 

Doesn't this just scream relaxation?

In other news, I'm off to take Matt to the doctor for a weight check and the van's FINALLY done.  So I get that tonight, too!

Whoo Hoo!
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Yesterday, hubby and I met up after work to go to the play my cousin's daughter's in this weekend. The boys went to my mom's, and hubby and I went to dinner and then back to our house. He pulls in the driveway and tells me he thinks his water pump on his van bit the big one. So, we went to the play, go home very late (after driving through a major snowstorm and picking up the kids), and we get up this morning to take the van to the shop.

It's the water pump.

And the head gasket.

To the tune of a minimum $1500.00.

Of which the tech proceeds to tell us that usually if the head gasket's replaced, it's just a forerunner to more engine trouble. Meaning we should probably consider dropping a new (rebuilt) engine in it.

Did I mention the fact we knew the transmission was fritzing and was going to have to be worked on?

So, the question became do we sink around 5K into the thing, or look for something else? It is a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager.

We went out and found a very nice used Hyundai Sonata. And as we were talking finance and such, hubby wandered over to the new cars and found a Hyundai Elantra for about the same price as the Used Sonata with an extended warranty. So, I believe we will be owning an Elantra by mid-week. The big advantage to going with the new vs used was warranty - the 10 yr/100,000 mile warranty that Hyundai has does not extend to used vehicles. With the fact we've now had 2 transmissions bite the big one, we were a bit on the leary side not to at least have up to a 70000 warranty, and we would have to purchase one for the used vehicle.

We have owned 2 vans for probably about 6 or 7 yrs. We are at the point, where we can go back to one van. Only one child goes to the sitters with my hubby. The eldest child is almost old enough to sit in the front with an airbag (he's actually a big child). So a 5 passenger car will work fine for most things. And we still have my new van.

The biggest drawback? We will have 2 car payments. Again. Blargh.

So, today was spent hanging out at dealers figuring out if this was something we really wanted to do.

Hubby talked with his very mechanical brother about it tonight, and his brother said we should get rid of the van. Definitely not worth fixing with the issues it has.

So...I'm now doing creative budgeting to figure out how we're going to find the additional money for the payment.

The play, btw, was very good.

sick kid

Nov. 9th, 2005 05:41 pm
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I have a very sick child -- to the point he's whining in a big way that his chest hurts. Came home with a 104+ temp. (I was called at work).

Heading to Urgent Care as soon as the hubby gets home from getting the tire fixed.

Next week can't come fast enough.
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First night alone with the boys:

Low tire pressure light goes off on the brand, spanking new van (it went off on Friday, too, but hubby inflated tire). So it's now obvious that there is something wrong with the tire. So at 8PM, I'm out, in the dark, with the kids loaded in the van using "Fix A Flat". I hope this holds it until I have time to get to the service station to have the tire checked for a nail. The indicator light went off after I drove on it the stated "2-4 miles", so that's a good thing!

Homework is not going well. At all. Just found out the fourth grader not only had math homework, but also Social Studies that he didn't finish. And as we were studying for his religion test (he tanked his first one, so we are trying to study as we go along this time), I find out he's not done all the work in the book. Which could lead to a MA (Missing Assignment), something he can't afford to have.

The one two bright things in tonight both happened to the oldest -- his Amphibian report is now completely done and looks good and he got to earn some service hours at my parents' church helping count and sort through supplies for health kits for the hurricane victims. He's going to go to church there on the 16th to help assemble 700 kits.

Oh, and the kids misbehaved in a huge way at church. Lovely.
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...doubt it.

I've decided my life is on an eternal fast track.  And it will remain so until I get these kids out of school.  *sigh*

Yesterday was tutoring and the school had their monthly skating party.  It was actually a good time - I found out that one of Nick's friends' dad went to school with me in Middle School. I actually went home and pulled my old year books and had a look.  Gah, you should see the pictures of me.  In the spirit of [livejournal.com profile] elsielann  (since she posted one of herself from her childhood), I should scan the pictures and post them for grins.

I also chatted with another mom about ADD and the school the kids are in.  Anyway, it was a good time at the 'ol skating rink last night.

I misjudged my time yesterday at work and I was late getting the kids.  Must work on getting my timing down better.  Just me not realizing how long it would take for me to do a certain project.

The van's at the dealer's today getting an oil change.  We have free oil changes for 2 years from our dealer with a free rental car.  So, we are trying to be good auto owners and actually get it changed when we're suppose to and all that jazz.  I am zipping around town in a dark blue PT Cruiser for the day.

I need to beta at some point today.  I've got half of one story done ([livejournal.com profile] jeconais ) and 2 chapters of another (Gridley).  I'm also planning on getting one of my stories edited this week and sent off to [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  so she can beta it, and send it on to the gal she's mentoring to give her an example of how to add comments, what types of things to say, catch, etc.  Anyway, that's what's up on the betaing world.


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