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Hey [personal profile] mmmusings(aka Ms. Stepford) ... want to make me an icon for Susie Homemaker? (ETA: Check out the icon!)

So, I've been home since around 3:30ish, and I've cooked dinner and I'm in the process of baking cookies.  I've also got bread going for dinner tomorrow night.  Yes, it is me, Susie Homemaker, at your disposal.

It is a really nice afternoon/early evening.  It was 83 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze.  I have the windows open, the ceiling fans on, and the house is really pleasant.
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Major storm here -- the roads deteriorated very quickly. Had an idiot in front of me that couldn't get up the hill we were on, turned around and went the wrong way down the street. In fairness to him, I'm not sure what else he could have done, since it was a boulevard style street (although I do think that there was an opening in the concrete middle not far from where he was -- he could have attempted to get to that). I ended up passing (which I hate doing in the weather), and me in my mini-van made it to the top and had no other real issues.

I *heart* my new van. It has a feature called "traction control" that kicks in in this weather. Makes the drive into work in this mess that much better.

We have our holiday lunch for work today -- we do have some people with 4 WD, so that's good. We're suppose to have 12, but one gal is stuck on the side of the road -- the hills she needs to use to get to work are closed, with no other routes, and she can't get back home either. The busing system that the boys used was originally on a 2 hour delay, but then has since closed -- the boys school was still open, so I took them in. I'll have to leave work early enough to pick them up because they won't have busing home. The sitter is watching the closings for me during the day to see if basketball practice ends up closing. Supposedly, as the morning wears on, conditions are to deteriorate even more. Joy.

May write some, if it stays this quiet.
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Today was extremely busy, with just work busy-ness mostly. I'm sitting here chillin' right now, but will be heading to bed shortly.

Still very short tempered for the most part. *sigh*

It is raining like crazy here -- and very, very,very cold. Okay...maybe not that cold, but it's really cold by October standards. And it was snowing today when I went out to get my preschooler from preschool. I was not amused.

Took the oldest out to finish getting supplies to put together his Halloween costume. He's going to be Santa Claus this year. My others plan to be Harry Potter, The Thing (Fantastic 4 Thing), and SpongeBob. Quite the eclectic group.

 And I'm sitting here listening to the GoF soundtrack and enjoying it.

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