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Moving a lab is very hard work.

It's nice to have new digs, but it's about to kill us getting moved.

And Great Big Birthday Wishes to my youngest, Ben, who turns six today! Happy Birthday, sweetie!


Feb. 14th, 2007 10:23 am
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*blink* *blinkity-blink*

*jumps for joy*


I was scheduled for a four hour delay today for work - roads are sheets of ice.  I just went to start my car, and thought I'd check the web one more time for the closings, just to make sure that they hadn't closed (I honestly didn't expect it).  And they CLOSED!  Yippee!

Off to enjoy my coffee.

New Layout

Aug. 8th, 2006 03:24 pm
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In honor of the "work sucketh" day, I created a new layout while waiting for the others to bring work into me.

Big *smooches* to [personal profile] bistyboo1974 who I nicked the header from and who helped me with how to get it onto my journal.  And I'm not going to "friends only" yet, but I am considering it, since most of my posts are flocked anyway.

Or I may see if I can't get a personalized heading. 

Doesn't this just scream relaxation?

In other news, I'm off to take Matt to the doctor for a weight check and the van's FINALLY done.  So I get that tonight, too!

Whoo Hoo!
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The barfing disease has hit our house. Son2 has thrown up this morning prior to leaving for school. Lovely.

Hubby is home until I can get there - I had 2 clinical specimens that came in late yesterday that need done.

Off to do them.


Mar. 9th, 2006 10:21 am
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Thank God it's Thursday.

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm actually glad it's Thursday.

This week has been no prize for fun things I've had to do, and I'm honestly glad it is about over.

I'm ready for the weekend in the worst way. I'm being pampered this weekend -- time for my dye job. I have an appt to get my hair colored, and I'm looking forward to sitting and having it done.

This weekend we have to hit the science fair stuff pretty hard -- It's due on the 3rd of April, but everything is due -- Showboard, oral report, written report. Times Two Kids. All the "research" is done, we just need to work on write-ups. And I need to see who can type what. It would be easier if these two were twins. At least the work would be identical. If I'm going to help with double the work, it would be nice to have the same crap for both kids.

/end whine.

I was in a really blah mood yesterday. And I don't know why. I've been doing 2 jobs at work this week -- someone on vacation, and the woman who is suppose to do this job in the first place, refuses (and the boss is non-confrontational), so it's left to those of us that can pick up the slack. The one gal actually does the job almost all the time. But she's out of town this week, so I'm doing what I can to help. Fortunately, it's been a slow week for me, relatively speaking.

I am now done with most of my CAP (College of American Pathologists) work until April. Which is good.

Homework hasn't been horrible this week, which has been good, but both the older two did have major science tests. That I hope they passed. *fingers crossed*

Other than that, it's been dull. *laughs* My life is rarely dull.

I have done a spot of writing -- I wrote 2 ficlets for the community, [profile] kaleidoscopefur .  They will be posted tomorrow for my favorite werewolf's birthday. *smooches Remus* .  They are Remus/Tonks.  One is PG, one is R and one follows the other.  They are about 1300 words combined.  Just little ditties.  But hey, it's writing.  *smooches* [personal profile] aggiebell90 who gave them a quickie glance so that I don't embarrass myself too horrible by my idiot mistakes. And she says she loves my R/T stories, so extra *smooches* for her for making me feel all warm and fuzzy about my writing.  I needed some warm and fuzzy vibes.

I'm not sure why, but R/T is coming easier to me than H/G.  So, R/T are getting a lot of action in my corner right now.  Of course, they're thrilled...
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Work Talk )

In other news, I wrote last night on my sequel to Together, only to accidently save the old copy over it this morning as I was tranferring between my computer and data key. Fortunately, I hadn't done that much work on it, could remember most of it (and was the first thing I did when I got to work), and I ended up taking it in stride.

Okay...off for my nightly fun with the boys.
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Well, I'm back to work today. Reluctantly, I might add.  However, it is quite quiet and very nice.  I've got some stuff to get ready for the new year, and this is actually the best time to do it -- most of the staff is off, I have access to all the equipment, and I can get things done quickly.

Yammering about my writing )

The hubby is having severe asthma problems -- he's never had problems when others who own cats have come into the house before, but their coats must have had a ton of cat hair on it, because he's really having issues.  We went through and did some power cleaning in hopes to help, but it's not made much of a difference yet -- it does take him a couple days to get back to normal.

We are having friends over for New Year's Eve, which is basically unheard of for us. *laughs*  We're such old fuddy-duddies and homebodies, that we rarely do anything on NYE.  We found another couple who are the same way though, and so we are hosting them and their two daughters.  It should be a good time.

Work is calling.  I came in early, so I can leave early, so I better get at it.

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Back to work after ten days, and it basically sucked.  Not horrible, work-wise, but I'm still carrying a cough and sound like someone else due to the upper respiratory crap I developed over last week.  I'm feeling better except for the abdominal muscles I've pulled coughing my lungs up.  And my incisions from 5 months ago hurt.

And I had to go for my every 6 month follow-up mammogram of my right side.  So I've been squished today, too.

/end whinging.

Work has actually gone smoothly, albeit busy.  I had to rush and get an order in by Dec. 1st (I thought the deadline was Dec. 15th).  And I had a few things I didn't do right before I left go haywire (nothing major).  I have an audio conference on Wednesday about UNANNOUNCED inspections for the lab in the future (can't you hear my excitement of this announcement coming through your computer?), and while I don't think this will be a huge deal (it better not be), I need to listen to this audio conference to make sure.  Basically, I think what it'll mean to me, is that anywhere from 6 months before my anniversary date here at the lab (March 12th, 2007) until said anniversary date, the inspectors can walk in unannounced and do my inspection that occurs every 2 years.  This means that 6 months prior to that date (approx. Sept 12th, 2006) I'll have to have all my i's dotted and t's crossed in case they walk in, instead of by the date of the inspection.  It also means my paperwork that has to be in prior to inspection (and it's a LOT of paperwork) will have to be in earlier.  Oh Joy..  In all honesty, I can't see them coming in any closer than 3 months prior, but that's just me.  I get 10 blackout dates, which I need to find out if 1 blackout date is one date or can be a block of dates (ie: I'll be out of the lab Nov 17-25th -- is that one date or 7?)

While I've felt they should be doing unannounced inspections for a while, it does suck to see them implement them.  I'll get over it.

In fandom news, I've not written a lick, thanks to the URI I've had.  I've now accepted to small challenges, and must get to work on them.  One is a small drabble for [livejournal.com profile] hpgw_otp and one is a birthday pressie for [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly .  We'll see if I get a chance to write tonight; hubby has band, and it's just the kids and I hanging out after homework.

The eldest announced to my husband as he was getting on the bus this morning, not to forget that he and his two other school-aged brothers have their first chess club meeting tonight after school.  Of course, it's not hubby that has to pick them up.  It's me.  Hubby did email me and asked if I knew about this (of course, I didn't).  My mom later calls and tells me that my eldest called her about it, so that she knew not to meet the schoolbus today, and whether or not she could pick them up.  She called me, and we squared it away.

Life is back to normal at our house. Insanely busy.

We are (mostly) all decorated for the holidays -- we tend to do it the weekend after Christmas, just so it's done and out of the way -- it's hard for us to do it throughout the week, and the weekends get so busy so fast during the holidays.  Hubby and I are both home the four days at Thanksgiving, the house is usually not in horrible shape after hosting Thanksgiving, so we just go ahead and get it done.  The one tree is a monster -- it's a 9 foot artificial that has to be put together branch by branch and not prelit.  That one takes us a while to get up and going.  We hope to buy a pre-lit one soon, but we want one that is multi-colored lights and we haven't found one locally that is reasonably priced.  So we suffer with putting this one together.  We bought it the day after Christmas in 1996, and it still looks good.  I'll take pictures when I get my act together.

I have our large nativity to get out yet, and we have the outside lights to get up.  Then we will be done.  Of course we still have to shop...

And one other tidbit -- I took the older two to see GoF on Tuesday evening (they loved it as much as their mum), and I took all four of them to see Chicken Little on Wednesday.  On Thursday, the youngest (he's 4 1/2) dons the HP glasses from Halloween.  I look at him and say, "Oh, are you my little Harry Potter?"  His response?  "No, mom, I Chicken Little".  Of course it helps that he has a totally innocent face and blonde hair.  Totally believable.


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...Oy... (and a cookie to whoever can place that little play on words in my title)

Well, the boy is better, and the junky coughing has begun. He's now got a "productive" cough, which is a good thing. Poor kid, the cough is making him a bit miserable. But not nearly as bad as it was.  I'm still waiting for a call for an oral antibiotic.  I'm starting to get annoyed that the results aren't back yet.  I should hear soon.

I'm back at work, and my last run of study samples look like shit, so that hasn't made my day. I will now probably have to re-run it when I get back on the 28th.

I feel like this week has gone on for months. It has been an extremely long week. But next week is short, short, short! I only work 3 days, then I'm off for parts unknown! And will have fun, fun, fun with [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  , [livejournal.com profile] mmmusings , and [livejournal.com profile] sherylyn . YEAH! And the movie is released next week too!  I am soooooo excited, I can't see straight.  Four days with no children, no nagging, hot meals and the ability to do what I want, when I want.  It will be awesome.  Truly awesome.

Time for lunch.  Yay!


Nov. 2nd, 2005 05:43 pm
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Busy day. Horrible hormones. Kids not cooperating.

That is all.
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I'm definitely not someone who can come up with original titles, that's for sure.

Well, the morning went a bit better at home, with the young 'uns cooperating. Of course the eldest thinks he "knows it all and is the parent" wanted to do safety patrol outside with no coat on. In 40 degree weather. Nope. He was torqued off because I made him put his coat on.

Whatever. He lives his life torqued off at me because I make his live miserable. He's not said that, I'm just sure he thinks that.

My job is done then.

In other news, he came home telling me that he and his friends are starting a chess club at school and that it will be after school and the principal has approved it.

My questions: Who's the advisor (parent or teacher) and how do you think you can work this in?

 Continued rantings about my eldest )

Work Scientific Jargon -- enter at your own risk! )

And it wouldn't be an October day without me asking you to click on the link to support mammograms.  Please do.  They are way behind their goal of clicks for the month of October.


Oct. 26th, 2005 07:26 pm
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Head hurts, tired, and glad the day's about out. Today wasn't bad, just busy. And I was going to try to beta, and no one would leave me alone long enough to do it.  Was really torquing me off.

And I'm trying to teach the eldest how to knit. Seems that one of their service projects at school is making a scarf for the local homeless shelter. Each student is required to knit one. The eldest has done some really odd things to his scarf. I usually can correct it, but I look at some of his knitting and it takes me a while to figure out how to get it fixed.

And click on the link to support mammograms.

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Today was extremely busy, with just work busy-ness mostly. I'm sitting here chillin' right now, but will be heading to bed shortly.

Still very short tempered for the most part. *sigh*

It is raining like crazy here -- and very, very,very cold. Okay...maybe not that cold, but it's really cold by October standards. And it was snowing today when I went out to get my preschooler from preschool. I was not amused.

Took the oldest out to finish getting supplies to put together his Halloween costume. He's going to be Santa Claus this year. My others plan to be Harry Potter, The Thing (Fantastic 4 Thing), and SpongeBob. Quite the eclectic group.

 And I'm sitting here listening to the GoF soundtrack and enjoying it.

Please click the link and help provide free mammograms.  All you have to do is click the button located on the main page.  It's free, and by clicking on the button mammograms are funded. /end PSA.

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Well, it's been a busy morning at work -- I worked and wrote something for a friend of mine in between all the incubations. Anyway, the day is about out, I wrote nine pages and have sent it off, and I'm about ready to head home to meet the bus.

In other news, I am feeling good, but not wonderful. I was a bit more scattered today than I have been. I think things are getting adjusted, but may need more tweaking.

The boys have now all quit Karate. Son 2 wants to take a break, while son 3 doesn't like the fighting aspect. It's okay with me. I actually could use a break from it. We've gone almost non-stop with Karate for almost 3 years.

And Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] aibhinn  I hope it's happy.


Click the Breast Cancer Link and fund free Mammograms. It's free to do. They're still behind on their goal.

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The alarm on the work freezer went off this morning, so I got a call from the hospital at 5AM. I came in early to check it, and it was fine. Darn thing!

My wedding set is ready at the jewelers, so I will be going to get it today.

I hope to get my R/T story to [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90  in the next few minutes.

I am starting to feel human again, thanks to the adjustment in hormones. I'm still doing the treadmill thing -- I'm doing 15 minutes/1 mile a night. I hope to continue it every night for two weeks, then taper back to four-five times a week. And I hope to drop five or ten pounds in the process.

As a reminder, clicky-clicky the link to help fund mammograms.

Off to finish up work!

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It's that time of year again, where I get on my soapbox and preach Breast Cancer awareness.

October is Pink Ribbon Month, and for those that aren't familiar with Pink Ribbon Month, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please encourage your loved ones to get annual mammographies They can save a life.

Please click this link (or the one under my soapbox on my LJ) and click the pink "Fund Free Mammograms" button.  Every click will fund 3 mammograms during the month of October.


This morning has been a bit hellatious.  Just busy at work. I've been working on safety and updates with that. Last night, my internet up and croaked.  I couldn't get on either the desktop or wireless.  I was most annoyed.  It was up and running this morning, so that's a good thing.

We're having a lunch dept. meeting today, instead of our usual breakfast one.  The boss had to be at another meeting today at our usual time.  So we're having pizza.  Yum!


Sep. 26th, 2005 08:17 am
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Well, I went to bed late last night...

As in 2AM.

I've mentioned that I can't sleep while hubby's away, and it kicked in -- full force -- yesterday. So, I was up sorting through piles of stuff that had gotten scattered around the house. I have the family room at least in some semblance of order. I still have to dust and clean off the TV. And fold the laundry. And put the laundry away. Then the family room will be cleaned up. The dining room is clean with the exception of the baker's rack that's in there. I need to go through the stuff on it.

Then I need to tackle the kitchen.

I got to work "on time" this morning, and will probably stay close to my 8 hours. Tomorrow I'm coming in late and leaving early. Wednesday, I'm not sure yet, same with Thursday. Friday, hubby will be home,and I'll probably work my full day. A lot of the "time" I take off will depend on how much I can get done at home while trying to do the homework routine. And I will more than likely be going to hubby's friend's funeral, and I'm not sure when that is yet. And it will also depend on how this insomnia plays out.

Rita's here and dumping rain. It should move out here shortly, by the looks of the weather map. I'd say we got probably a half inch or less. It was just a nice steady rain -- no torrential downpours.


Aug. 31st, 2005 11:43 am
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The sun is peeking out, and we are heading to the county fair for some fair food for lunch. It is our yearly office tradition. And a good one at that.

And I just got done pre-betaing [livejournal.com profile] jeconais  's last part to White Knight, Grey Queen.  It. Was. Wonderful. It was 135 pages.  It took me a while to get through.

If you've not read it, it is here.  But be warned:  It is Harry/Pansy. But hey, if a H/G shipper like myself can read it and really, really enjoy it, you can too.

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Well, I'd like to know why weekends have to go so bloody fast?!? Can someone answer me this?

We actually had a lovely weekend...Weather was beautiful, but we are now very cloudy and overcast and will be getting the remains of Hurricane Katrina as soon as she gets this far north.

Friday night, I found out that son #2 didn't update his agenda from school at all...but he remembers all his assignments, mom!  Honest! Insert eyeroll here.  I love this boy to death, and he's got a decent memory, but not good enough to remember all the assignments once they start piling them on.  Will probably have to have his agenda checked daily by his teachers.

Saturday night, hubby and I had a date night. It was last minute, but we had a great time.  We went to a winery and had dinner.  I was actually lucky to get a reservation on such short notice. Details are under their "events" "cookouts".  For $50.00 a couple, you get a bottle of wine (of your choice), the choice of 2 kinds of salads, steak, baked potato, veggie (it was to die for good corn on the cob this time), bread, choice of 3 desserts, coffee, tea, water.  The deal with the steak is, you grill it yourself.  And it's actually a good time.  They have all sorts of seaonings, and the meat is excellent.  We've done this now twice -- and it's been good both times.  We may go with a group in October.  Anyway, a good time was had by all, and we picked up some bottles of wine.

Sunday was church and lunch with my mom, and grocery shopping, and finishing homework, and packing lunches (for school this week), and....

Typical weekend.

Today it's back to work.

Submissions are now open at PhoenixSong.net.  See the Nest section for details.

And by request, I'm posting a link to a community for HBP [livejournal.com profile] hbp_ficafest .  This is ran by a couple people on my flist. *waves to [livejournal.com profile] elsa241967  and [livejournal.com profile] velvethope * Go check it out.

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Today is Monday, and it's the Monday before school starts. This means that we have open house tonight at the school. This means visiting several teachers all in an hour or so and getting what we need to get the year started.

Friday the class lists went up, and there was much rejoicing. The youngest (well the youngest in full time school) was placed with the teacher he wanted, so he is thrilled. The 2nd son was placed in the homeroom that his brother was in last year, with most of his best buds, so he's happy (and he was placed in the class that doesn't have his friend, the bully, in it. -- so there was much rejoicing from mom), and the oldest is in with one of his buddies.

Spent yesterday at the water park, and I'm sporting a nice sunburn from not applying the sunscreen enough because of it. We had a ball, and it was truly a relaxing, fun-filled, last hurrah before school starts day.

I'm taking off work on Wednesday, and I think Thursday...and I might throw Friday in there for good measure too.


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