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Thanks to the sloooowness of my computer!  Grrrr!

I just posted a new story to my fic journal, [profile] ogf_ficsandpics.  It's called The Journey Home 

It's Remus and Remus/Tonks.  If you're interested, go take a look and let me know what you think.  It's the first thing I've written in a LOOONG time.

Gotta run - have to be at soccer in 35 minutes, and I'm not dressed.  EEEK!
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I just posted a fantabulous story for the lovely and wonderful [personal profile] aggiebell90 at PhoenixSong.net.  Go. Read. Review.  It's a sequel to her story Matchmaker.  If you've not read that, you don't necessarily need to to understand this story.  But if you've not read Matchmaker, go read that one, too.  It's equally as good.  Both stories are also posted at her fic journal, [livejournal.com profile] aggiestories, and at fanfiction.net.

*hugs [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90*

I am planning on posting my new story to my journal soon.  I got the beta back from aggiebell90 and just need to clean it up, then I plan on posting it.  I'm still waiting for the final beta from [personal profile] sherylyn when she gets time (she's insanely busy with the beginning of the semester) before I put it up at Phoenixsong.

I also started a new story that sort of stalled out.  I hope to get that going again, but not this weekend.  Too much going on.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 05:38 am
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Thank God it's Friday.  Thank God it's Friday.  Thank God it's Friday. Thank God it's Friday.

It's been a long week, and I'm not sure why. I'm just glad it's over.  *does happy dance*

For those who have asked for a drabble (there's seven requests so far - there's still three that can be claimed),  I'm working on them.  I've got ideas in my mind on most of them, and I hope to work today at lunch on them or tonight.

Not a whole lot to report here.  Stomach/gall bladder has been behaving, work is busy (will be really busy today and for the next 15 weeks or so. *sigh*), the kids are busy with the end of Basketball.

Lemme see...what else...the kids start back to school in 2 1/2 weeks O_o.  I am so not ready.  We will start the whole school supply business this weekend.  *double sigh*

Uniform-wise, they're okay until end of September.  I need to order the oldest pants, but will not do that until closer to the time he needs them - they can wear shorts through the end of October, but usually it's too cold for them by mid October.  I will wait until closer to the end of September to order the oldest's pants - he's growing by leaps and bounds and is *this close* to being taller than his ol' mom.  And he's loving every minute of it.  Of course I remember when I was taller than my mom and loving it too, so he gets it honest.  Of course it wasn't hard to be taller than my mom - she was only 4'11".

We do have to get new shoes.  The boys go through so many shoes.

/boring life update.


Jul. 31st, 2007 06:25 am
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So what does one do when they want to write but have no idea what to write?

Volunteer for a challenge.


[profile] hpgw_ficafest:

#21 - Harry and Ginny visit Godric's Hollow.


Due Sept. 1st.
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No real news from the doctor - just he thinks it was food related, triggering the gall bladder, which raised the lipase, causing the pancreatitis.  (Got that?)  I'm to take the stomach medicine through the end of the week (end of prescription), then stop, let the doc know next week how I am, and go from there.  If everything is fine, I'm to have follow-up bloodwork in three weeks to make sure the Lipase is indeed going down.

Thanks again to everyone on my flist for all the thoughts, prayers and hugs.  It really meant more than I can ever express. *glomps you all*




Off to finish some emails.

*hugs flist again*

PS: New icons.  Love. Them.


Mar. 9th, 2006 10:21 am
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Thank God it's Thursday.

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm actually glad it's Thursday.

This week has been no prize for fun things I've had to do, and I'm honestly glad it is about over.

I'm ready for the weekend in the worst way. I'm being pampered this weekend -- time for my dye job. I have an appt to get my hair colored, and I'm looking forward to sitting and having it done.

This weekend we have to hit the science fair stuff pretty hard -- It's due on the 3rd of April, but everything is due -- Showboard, oral report, written report. Times Two Kids. All the "research" is done, we just need to work on write-ups. And I need to see who can type what. It would be easier if these two were twins. At least the work would be identical. If I'm going to help with double the work, it would be nice to have the same crap for both kids.

/end whine.

I was in a really blah mood yesterday. And I don't know why. I've been doing 2 jobs at work this week -- someone on vacation, and the woman who is suppose to do this job in the first place, refuses (and the boss is non-confrontational), so it's left to those of us that can pick up the slack. The one gal actually does the job almost all the time. But she's out of town this week, so I'm doing what I can to help. Fortunately, it's been a slow week for me, relatively speaking.

I am now done with most of my CAP (College of American Pathologists) work until April. Which is good.

Homework hasn't been horrible this week, which has been good, but both the older two did have major science tests. That I hope they passed. *fingers crossed*

Other than that, it's been dull. *laughs* My life is rarely dull.

I have done a spot of writing -- I wrote 2 ficlets for the community, [profile] kaleidoscopefur .  They will be posted tomorrow for my favorite werewolf's birthday. *smooches Remus* .  They are Remus/Tonks.  One is PG, one is R and one follows the other.  They are about 1300 words combined.  Just little ditties.  But hey, it's writing.  *smooches* [personal profile] aggiebell90 who gave them a quickie glance so that I don't embarrass myself too horrible by my idiot mistakes. And she says she loves my R/T stories, so extra *smooches* for her for making me feel all warm and fuzzy about my writing.  I needed some warm and fuzzy vibes.

I'm not sure why, but R/T is coming easier to me than H/G.  So, R/T are getting a lot of action in my corner right now.  Of course, they're thrilled...
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Happy March 1st and Happy Lent to all those who observe the forty days of Lent. It is a meatless day for us Catholics, so I'm trying to be very careful to eat no meat (I always forget one day during the Lenten season and eat it).

My "sacrifice" this year is to change my attitude. Now that might not seem like a sacrifice to most of you, but I have the patience of a gnat most days, so this will be a sacrifice, I most assure you. I just need to grow patience.  Please Lord?

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My quickie posts are never really quickie...

Was late getting to work today. Hubby is ill at home (headache, stomachache, sore throat). We had major homework blues last night, so in order to study a bit more, I took the boys to school. I also had to take the youngest to preschool - my mom's car wheels were locked(?). So she couldn't get him there. I also forgot to drop lunch money off for the accounts at the older boys' school, so I ended up driving around the building after dropping them off, writing the check and going in to drop it in the office (son 3 reminded me as he was getting out of the van at the drop off door -- nice). By the time I got back to the van, I realized if I went on into work with youngest, I'd only be there a half hour before I'd have to turn around and come back past where I was to take Ben to school. So I called in and came in at 9:15.

Since the hubby's home, he should be able to get the boys off the bus, so I won't have to leave too early. 

Science Fair update: May fly paper airplanes tonight with son 2-- the weather is nice outside, with no snow and dry conditions. So, it would be a good afternoon to get some of our flights out of the way. And my eldest is on day 8 of data collection for his science fair! Whoo Hoo! Once we get the data collected, we'll start the show boards.

And I wrote yesterday!  Whoo Hoo!  I got about 4 pages done on my R/T pregnancy fic.  Not the one I wanted to write on, but hey, I wrote.  Not sure if I'll keep it -- wasn't terribly stellar writing on my part, but it's a start.

And the foot is sort of at a standstill on healing.  It still hurts, and is a bit swollen and well, just sort of stalling out.  Will watch another couple days, then get the thing X-rayed if it doesn't start getting better again.  I don't have time for it to be broke.  I have informed the foot of that.

Off to do some work.
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I am, at the very least, a bit more cheerful today than I was yesterday.  Joshua brought home papers yesterday, and they were all "decent".  One C -- the rest were A's and B's.  That was a good thing.  Both boys had a bunch of homework yesterday -- Josh had more than Matt, primarily because Josh has a band meeting tonight, plus choir, so he won't have time to complete anything due on Friday.  He has to turn in a rough draft of his Amphibian report on Friday to be checked, and he hadn't started it as of yesterday (he had the research, just nothing written).  Yeah...he didn't budget very well (report was assigned two weeks ago).

Matt is doing remarkably well with most of his assignments.  He has a ton of work to do, but he can do most on his own, with very little help.  The one subject he's having issues in is Social Studies and it has to do with Maps and Map reading.  He can't get the N-S-E-W concept down.  And we've been also working on Latitude/Longitude Northern/Southern hemisphere and Eastern/Western Hemisphere.  The last about threw me for a complete loop.  I'm looking at this map thinking, "huh? I don't remember this."  I'm going to try to find some map activities on the 'net and have his tutor work with him on it.  He has everything completely backwards.

On a good note, he did really well practicing his spelling words (usually a dreadful subject for him), and he did really well studying for his vocabulary test.  Last week, Joshua aced his spelling pretest, so he didn't have to take the final test.  He has his pretest today, and we are hoping he aces this one, so he doesn't have to take the final on Friday.  He is a really good speller, so I would imagine he'll take very few final tests this year for spelling.

Today is the start of the school choir.  I have two in it this year.  Matt has decided to join, too. It meets an hour after school on Thursdays. Band starts in fifth grade, so Josh wants to join.  He and Mike will be going to the band meeting tonight and finding out the details.

I've got my [livejournal.com profile] hpgw_otp  number challenge written and back from [livejournal.com profile] aggiebell90. I hope to get it ready to post either today or tomorrow.  I did two of them, and may just go ahead and post both (I had only one number).  I hope to work on a couple other stories I've got brewing.


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