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I am, once again, wireless at my house. My router up and died back before I had surgery. I had bought one right after I had said surgery, but it's taken me this long to find the time to hook it up. I made an attempt on Monday, and the hub I had would not recognize one of the cords. So I had to get a new cord, and wah-la! It works. I think there is still an issue...something about an IP address not agreeing between my laptop and my desktop, but if my desktop is turned off, it doesn't seem to affect the ability for the laptop to get on. I have to set my palm up tonight, which I don't use for internet at home terribly often because it's so slow. But I want it set up anyway.

The boys were monsters this morning, so my morning didn't start well. I'm leaving work early today -- I need a break from kids and work (which seems to be all my life has been this week), so I'm going to go home to a quiet house and sort mail. I've probably got a stack 6 inches tall.

Submissions are now closed for PhoenixSong. Now to sort through the new submissions.

Hubby due home around 2 (well at the airport) today.  He should get to our home around 4.

And welcome back to [livejournal.com profile] bringandfly  . I hope your computer woes are a thing of the past.  *hugs*  You were missed!

Got to fly!

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Looks like Rita will arrive here tonight. We're expecting a half inch rain tonight and very heavy rains tomorrow. I think they said up to two inches rain tomorrow.

I figured she'd end up heading our way...most hurricanes - once they make landfall - usually spreads out enough for us to get some of the rain.

I tried last night to get my wireless network back up. I have my laptop hooked to wires because my router went kaput last spring. I didn't hook something up correctly. So...I gave up last night (I was frustrated) and will try again later today.

Happy Sunday! I'm going to clean up a bit. The house is out of control.


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