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I am off work to go down to camp and help transport gear back from the fourth grade trip. Ben's home with me until it's preschool time (9AM), I plan to go get a free cup of coffee offer after I drop him off, then home to work on house-elfing. I leave for camp around 11:30.

We have a fundraiser for dinner tonight, and will continue to work on house-elfing.
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...for a Tuesday.

I ended up taking yesterday off from work and stayed home with the munchkins.  The second eldest munchkin had a MAJOR science project due this coming Friday, and the info only came home on Friday.  It was a diorama, written report and prepare for an oral report on a Biome.  He did the Deciduous Forest Biome .  We had the diorama done on Sunday night but still had the report and oral stuff to get ready.  We finished up yesterday.  We never know what our homework situation in the other classes will look like during the week, so we wanted to get it done so we didn't have to worry about working on it if he has a ton of homework this week.  And he very well could have a ton of homework this week -- the end of the grading period is Friday.

Eldest munchkin has a report on Egypt due the first week of February, that has to be four type-written pages, in addition to maps and pictures and....  He worked on his research extensively yesterday for his report.  He says he has almost all the research done -- eight written pages (sloppy!), so we're going to start working on typing up what he has, organizing it, and whatnot this weekend.

In addition, science fair projects are to be started this week for the 2 eldest.  They have topics picked and need to get them approved.  They're not due until April.  Both boys are eager to start them.

We got up and did the homework early yesterday, so that we'd have the afternoon to do something fun -- after all, if mom's taking a day off from work, we need to do something fun!  So we went and saw Hoodwinked.  I have to say, that this is one of the best animated flicks I've seen in a long time.  It was truly hilarious.  The squirrell, Twitchy, was my favorite character.  This movie kept all the munchkins entertained, including the four year old, and we just all enjoyed it. Go see it if you get the chance, but definitely rent it when it comes out on DVD/VHS if you don't go to the theatre. It will definitely be one we invest in.  Hubby was disappointed he didn't get to see it once he heard how good it was.

As a side note, there's a singing goat in it (probably my second favorite character), that I was interested in finding out was voiced by Benjy Gaither.  He's the son (I believe) of Bill and Gloria Gaither, who are big names in Christian Music.  They wholly recommended the movie as a good Family-Friendly flick on their website.

It was a very nice day off, all things considering.  The weather was gorgeous, the homework got done, the munckins got to play, we got to see a great movie, and the kids were stellar in the movie.  A good day all in all.

How this mom handles four kids in a movie theater )


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